Tiger Woods Proves That There Is No Love Lost Between Him and Infamous Ex-Caddie Joe LaCava as Heartfelt ‘Family’ Confession Emerges

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With the PNC Championship bringing families together to experience competitive golf like never before, the unofficial championship has become more like a PGA Tour and LPGA Tour family event where the parents/child pairs duke it out against each other and have fun.

That’s what the 15x major champion, Tiger Woods sees the event as. In his recent interview before the championship, he confesses why the event is more like a “family affair” and reveals the people who make it special.

Tiger Woods will play at the PNC Championship for the fourth consecutive year with his son Charlie Woods. The duo has been a constant presence at the event since Woods Jr. reached an age where he could partner up with his father. After years of participating in the championship, Woods recently revealed what makes the event special and why he goes back to it repeatedly.

The 82x PGA Tour winner appeared as a guest at the Another Golf Podcast and answered about his health and the PNC Championship. When asked about his memories related to the event, he recounted the first time Woods Jr. played and experienced a competitive environment.

Although Team Woods’s caddies are not confirmed yet, Woods described the experience with the LaCava duo as they had been the bagman for father and son. Woods explained that his former long-term caddie Joe LaCava, and his son’s presence through past years, also made the event much more memorable. He described the on-course scene and said, “So little Joe’s caring for little Charlie and big Joe’s caring for me, “ Woods’s words highlighted the supportive bond between the caddies and the golfers, making the whole event “a big family affair.”

Surprisingly, despite LaCava’s past altercation with Woods’s close bud Rory McIlroy at the 2023 Ryder Cup, the legendary golfer has let it impact his relationship with the caddie. Woods described playing alongside him and all the others makes the event,” more than just a golf tournament. Its families creating family experiences.”

Just like in 2022, this time, as well, Team Woods has been paired with Team Thomas for the first round on Saturday. Reminiscing over last year, Woods added how it became a family affair when they were paired with Justin Thomas and his father.

Woods said, “We got a chance to play last year with JT who was like family to me. He’s like my little brother.” He continued, “And Charlie’s like his big brother. So to us, it’s a big family affair,” and coincidentally, it is going to continue in 2023 as well.


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