‘The Kid is 14?’: Charlie Woods Steals Hearts as His Uncanny Resemblance to Tiger Woods Resurfaces Ahead of the PNC Championship

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Like father, like son; every parent dreams of their children achieving greater success than they themselves have accomplished, and Tiger Woods happens to be one such parent. As Charlie Woods graces the greens more often, he undoubtedly reminds everyone of a younger Tiger Woods.

Charlie Woods has been the talk of the town for his exceptional swing and putts, especially when he plays alongside his father, where the resemblance shines brighter. On a similar occasion, a blast from the past has knocked on the doors of netizens and they are in awe of Woods Jr.’s fantastic swing.

Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods are preparing to make their fourth appearance at the PNC Championship alongside 19 other teams. Throughout their various plays together, Charlie Woods consistently mirrors his father, embodying the essence of Tiger’s swings and stances with uncanny likeness.

Charlie Woods has absorbed all the things his father has done and is on the path to making it even better. One such moment of Woods Jr. was posted by the PGA Tour on X from one of their appearance at the father/son challenge.

Despite his age, Charlie Woods showcases a strikingly similar playing style to that of his father and even replicated the infamous Tiger Woods club swirl. The post highlights the wondrous resemblance between father and son, and how Tiger Woods has played a crucial role in shaping his son’s confidence and talent.

The video garnered a heap of applause from Woods’s fans, as they cannot fathom the near future in which Charlie Woods may go on to achieve great things like Tiger Woods or even break some of his records.

With Tiger Woods making a comeback and hinting at more future plays, and Charlie Woods gearing up for his debut, this fan expressed how they could not wait to witness the duo’s possible game at the Masters in the future.

Charlie Woods has always shown the potential to excel in golf as well as his father if not better and this user explained that if Woods Jr. stays the same as his father, he will be talked about for many years to come.

The young cub plays more like a pro and has stunned this user as he wonders about his age and the mind-blowing swing.

As observed by this fan, Tiger Woods did not fist bump his son after the putt, which hints at the confidence Woods has in his son and his capabilities.

While Tiger Woods is known as the golf G.O.A.T, after the video was released, a fan gave Charlie Woods the title of G.O.A.T Jr for his skills.

Another Team Woods fan declared Woods Jr. as the future after being impressed by his swing as he quoted the tweet.


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