“Tank Is p..he Scared to Death of Me”: Devin Haney Calls Out Gervonta Davis With a Fierce Message after Tank Accuses Him of Cheating Against Regis Prograis Over Rehyradtion

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The feud between Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney is heating up! These two pugilists have been pitted against each other for the longest time. However, after news of Haney rehydrating to 165 lbs on the night of the fight against Regis came out, things got worse between the two. Davis went as far as to accuse Haney of cheating, which prompted a response from the undefeated boxer today.

Recently, Bill Haney, Devin’s father, went on a rant about how ‘Tank’ is trying to avoid a fight against his son. Not to mention, Davis had criticized the ticket prices for Haney vs. Prograis, starting the feud online. However, the nail in the coffin was Davis’ tweet that accused Haney of cheating. It’s worth mentioning that while Haney weighed in at 165 lbs during the fight night, Regis weighed 156.8 lbs, making Haney an entire weight class above Regis. So, responding to ‘Tank,’ Haney turned to X (formerly Twitter) with some choice words for the Baltimore native.

Turning to X, Haney wrote, “Tank is pu**y..he scared to death of me. He always he say wanna fight when I have a fight lined up already. Well now I’m free! Let’s make it happen.” In a later tweet, Haney suggested he has been working hard to make weight in all of his fights to date, but everyone accused him of one thing or the other.

“I’ve been doing that same thing for years just killing myself to make weight.. the world said I was pillow fisted & I was this & that! Now once I move up & I’m actually healthy y’all got every excuse n the book,” he wrote. However, he wasn’t finished because, in a subsequent tweet, the undefeated boxer claimed he is not planning to go back to 135 lbs. “I will never go back to 135 get it out your head,”

Haney also added that the weight wasn’t the reason behind his dominant win over Regis Prograis. Rather, it was his talent and skills that helped him take down his Saturday night opponent. “I didn’t beat Regis by throwing my weight around or bullying him.. I beat him off skills,” 


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