Oscar De La Hoya Accuses Shane Mosley of Using Steroids, Makes Bold Claims About Floyd Mayweather and Félix Trinidad Fights

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Oscar De La Hoya doesn’t enter the ring anymore, but the boxing legend has crafted a stellar career around the sport despite retirement. The former world champion and popular promoter has stood beside some of the biggest names in boxing. However, in a recent twist of fate, ‘Golden Boy’ took a trip down memory lane while making some bold claims about Shane MosleyFloyd Mayweather, and Félix Trinidad.

The Los Angeles native fought some of the biggest names in boxing. He managed to win some and, in others, he gave his opponents a run for their money. Some such opponents were Mosley, Mayweather, and Trinidad. So, when an X user highlighted Oscar’s impressive resume on Twitter, ‘Golden Boy’ couldn’t help but advocate for the red in his record. Here’s what the former champion said!

Recently, a user took to Twitter to retweet screenshots of Oscar’s fight record. Alongside the pictures, the user wrote, “Most of @OscarDeLaHoya losses were actually wins… Absolutely in the goat conversation.” Oscar, who is very active on the platform, quickly found the post claiming out of the six losses on his record, he believes he won three.

“Out of 6 loses, I’m convinced 3 should have been wins,” Oscar wrote. There’s no need for any speculations about those fights because he proceeds to reveal them while accusing Mosley of using steroids. “The Mayweather fight. The second Mosley (steroids) and Trinidad,” wrote De La Hoya. It’s worth noting that ‘Golden Boy’ fought Mosley twice, once in June 2000 and next in September 2003, losing both of them. However, in the second fight, which Oscar is referring to, Mosley stated that he used steroids.

Back in 2003, before fighting Oscar, Mosley took steroids known as “the cream” and “the clear.” However, the retired boxer suggested he was misled into doing the same by BALCO founder Victor Conte“We were misled (by Conte)…I guess I got the clear and the cream,” Mosley told the New York Daily News in 2007.

While Mosley was awarded the win via unanimous decision, he had to face major litigations and criticism because of the incident. On September 3, 2003, federal authorities raided Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO) offices as they were already under investigation for selling drugs to several athletes.


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