“They Wanna Compare Them to Floyd”: Following Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia’s Statement Wins, Curmel Moton Explains Why Floyd Mayweather Is the Real GOAT

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It’s generally agreed upon that no other boxer has wielded the kind of influence on the sport as Floyd Mayweather Jr. has in the last decade or so. The bar set by the undefeated former champion has become the holy grail of achievement in modern-day boxing. Though long retired from the professional world, Mayweather Jr. tours across the globe fighting exhibition bouts.

Given his immense success, it’s only natural that Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s techniques and fighting style have been imitated by the next generation of boxers. It makes sense too as Mayweather hardly ever got hit during his 50-0 career. Two glaring examples recently caught everyone’s attention. First, Ryan Garcia used the ‘shoulder roll’ during his triumphant campaign against Oscar Duarte. Then, the day before yesterday, Devin Haney‘s clinical destruction of Regis Prograis reminded fans of Mayweather Jr.’s sheer genius.

Of course, the comparisons could also be a hyperbole since Mayweather is the modern GOAT and anyone remotely resembling his style would automatically be hyped up to fill his shoes. Upcoming prospect, Curmel Moton also feels the same way. In a tweet, he said that new-age boxers frequently get measured against the Mayweather benchmark. He tweeted that whenever someone performs exceedingly well, people immediately bring in Floyd Mayweather Jr. to set up a comparison. It goes beyond doubt to show the level of greatness the undefeated former champion has achieved. Moton said, “Every time someone have a good performance, they wanna compare them to Floyd; that show you who really the Goat.

And he definitely has a point. Ryan Garcia had a high-stakes bout against the heavy-hitting Duarte on December 2. But surprising everyone at the Toyota Center, the young Californian boxer started rolling his shoulder. He couldn’t execute the method as flawlessly as its greatest exponent, Mayweather Jr., used to. However, ‘The Philly Roll’ stifled the Mexican opponent’s aggression. Garcia later spoke about it during the post-fight conference. He recalled how, after some time, he had to revert to his usual style of fighting, as Oscar Duarte soon managed to sidestep the technique.

Likewise, against Regis Prograis, Devin Haney entered as the clear favorite. However, no one had the faintest thought that he would be setting up a boxing clinic on Saturday night. Despite the New Orleans-born southpaw’s proclivity for early stoppage, round after round, it was ‘The Dream’ who pummeled him into complete submission. An air of bitterness clouded their pre-fight conferences and weigh-ins. But in the end, a much humbled Prograis couldn’t help but acknowledge Haney’s sheer ring finesse.

Through his X/Twitter handle, ‘Rougarou’ said, “Disappointed to have come up short, but I want to give credit where it’s due. Congratulations to @Realdevinhaney on remaining undefeated and becoming a 2 division world champion. You’re special kid.

For sure, to many die-hard fans, Haney’s performance must have reminded them of the way Floyd Mayweather Jr. embarrassed Canelo Alvarez during their September 2013 bout.

But in the opposite corner, the undefeated former champion sees his reflection in the young Curmel Moton. The 17-year-old prodigy, who turned to professional boxing this year, rides on the back of two successful outings. Both came through first-round knockouts. Even Floyd Mayweather Jr. has expressed confidence that the youngster, with an outstanding amateur record of 156-7, should be able to carry his torch.


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