‘Didn’t Carry Her for 9 Months’ – Venus Williams Reveals if She Had Any Say in Naming Serena Williams’ Second Daughter

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2023 was quite an eventful year for the Williams family. With Serena Williams retiring last year, Venus Williams continued with her tennis career while battling injuries. However, they had a busy off-court calendar, attending several events worldwide. In August this year, she gave birth to her second daughter, who was named Adira. Recently, Serena’s sister, Venus, revealed if she had a role to play in the naming of Adira.

Although Venus had a hard time with injuries, she did participate in a few tournaments in 2023. Nonetheless, she has kept her fans updated through her social media handles. Here’s what she said about Adira’s naming.

A few hours ago, a new video dropped on Venus’ official YouTube channel. In the video, the American tennis legend can be heard talking about various subjects, like her comeback and her family. Further, she also revealed how Adira got her name and if she had a role to play in her naming.

Talking about this, Venus said, “Serena asked me I know I don’t have a vote and I know like Alexis is so much more important than me she’s like what should I name her and I said whatever you want of course I had opinions I wanted to name her a certain name but I didn’t say anything because that’s not my job they’re supposed to decide as a family what they want to name their daughter.”

Further, she went on to add, “I did not carry her for nine months and I don’t change her diaper every day although I would I really would so I stayed out of it and she has a beautiful name.”

Venus was a giant force during Serena’s pregnancy and remained close to her all through her journey. During the gender-reveal party, her expression went viral after Serena’s husband, Alexis, played a prank. However, shortly after Adira’s birth, Venus couldn’t spend time with them.

Venus participated in the US Open earlier this year. However, she lost in the opening round, losing against a qualifier, Greet Minnen. She had to make a big sacrifice for playing in her home Grand Slam tournament.

The American legend missed being with Serena and Adira shortly after the latter’s birth as she was busy with her on-court commitments. She didn’t make any official wish after Adira’s birth and her absence raised many eyebrows.

Nonetheless, Venus has spoken about her niece, Adira, on many occasions as she did a few hours ago on her naming. She would like to make up for the lost time as she balances her on and off-the-court activities.

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