Despite Serena Williams’ Astonishing Achievements, Her Childhood Coach Makes a Bold Prediction

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Serena Williams has done it all. Be it overachieving in tennis, being a mother, or in business, there is nothing in the world that she cannot do. However, people who know her closely believe that her potential can take her to greater heights. One such person who thinks that Serena Williams is made for more is none other than her childhood coach, Rick Macci.

In a recent exclusive interview for ES Fancast, Rick Macci shared how he feels that there is still more left for Serena Williams to achieve.

Rick Macci has always spoken highly of the tennis legend. And recently in an interview with the ES Fancast, he talked about how even though Serena Williams has ended her career in tennis, she still has a lot to offer to the world, especially by inspiring future generations. Macci believes that Serena Williams had a perfect career, however, he also believes that her story is far from over.

Rick Macci has worked very closely with the Williams sisters and is aware of the kind of impact they had and also the kind of potential they hold. That is why he firmly believes that the junior Williams has much more to offer to the world than what she has now.

Macci not only thinks highly of the sisters but also their father with whom he teamed up to create history. He recently posted about a piece of advice that Richard Williams would give to his daughters even in the toughest of times.

Macci reflects on the advice that Richard Williams would give to Venus and Serena Williams

A couple of days back, Rick Macci posted on his official Twitter account about how he teamed up with Richard Williams to train and coach his daughters for tennis. And that created history as we know it. But there is one thing that stood out to him and stayed with him as well. And that was the advice he got from their father.

He heard Richard Williams saying to his daughters every day to ‘smile’ and that was his advice to them forever. This is one of the things that resonated with Macci a lot because he thought that this was one of the best things that he could let his daughters know of.


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