“Blessed To Be Back”: Simone Biles Confession of Being Tricked To Return Resurfaces

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Simone Biles now owns the title of being the most decorated gymnast in gymnastics history. After a two-year break, her victorious comeback showed her unmatched skill and resolve in addition to solidifying her status. However, a recent buzz points to Biles’s comeback as a calculative decision made by her WCC coach rather than a deliberate move on her part.

The Olympic gold medalist is taking her time off mats as the Summer Olympics’ appearance is still eight months away. Amid the holiday season break, a recent update by the athletics body highlighted her unplanned return.

When a brief excerpt of Biles’ confession appeared on Twitter(X) through the Olympics account, the unexpected revelation began to gain traction. The snippet offered an insight into Simone’s mind following the U.S. Core Classic, implying the tacit understanding between her coach and herself that ultimately resulted in her going back to competitive gymnastics.

She said, “I really feel like Laurent is always one step ahead of me so every time I would come into the gym he’s like okay so I have some set routines for you and I’m like what I’m literally just trying to get in shape.” The video was captioned, A return worth waiting for! Seven-time Olympic medallist  @Simone_Biles broke down her return to competition after a spectacular debut at the U.S. Classic in August!

After a late June announcement, Biles put up a flawless performance on August 5, earning an all-around score of 59.100, which left reigning champion Leanne Wong trail by five points. Her dominance was evident as she won first place in the floor exercise and balance beam. Her fearless approach was further clear by the inclusion of a Yurchenko double pike.

In September, Biles went to the U.S. women’s selection camp for the 2023 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships extending her return winning streak while her coach extended her praise for another WCC gymnast. Her incredible achievement resulted in five medals – four gold and one silver, across six events.

She also became the only gymnast to ever win the all-around title six times, joining the elite ranks of Kōhei Uchimura and the first gymnast to secure a total of 30 podium finishes in the Worlds. The triumphant comeback fueled her fans with excitement over the 2024 Paris Olympics return with the hope of extending her illustrious win collection.

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