Tiger Woods Favored LA Dodger’s $700M Signing and Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf Defection Stirs a Seismic Effect in the Golf World

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The recent times in the sports world have seen some core changes come into action. Where the off-season shifts have made a lot of noise, the golf world’s eyes have been on Jon Rahm ditching the PGA Tour for LIV Golf. On the fly, the sports world is also seeing some major shifts with a player from Tiger Woods’s favorite MLB club, the Los Angeles Dodgers, expected to become a “free agent” in the upcoming season.

As the golf world bears witness to these changes, a new revelation has hit. The involved money in these shifts has put golf as a game at par with MLB, which is “roughly 4″ times bigger than the PGA Tour. The tides in the golfing silo are now turning.

Rumors have been going around. The baseball hitter and pitcher Shohei Ohtani has been in the news for a while now. With the coming season, the player is going to feature in events as a “free agent” and so speculations about his contract value have been going around in the sports world. The rumors have claimed that Ohtani could command a deal that might surpass $700 million for a span of 10 years—all considering his dual role and the inflation of top money deals.

On the side, we have the recent hit. As per the struck deal, Rahm ought to receive a fat $600 million from LIV Golf for the course of 3 years. The difference between the deals is a lot based on the years, but figuratively, when it comes to the money involved, the gentleman’s game is about to hit the MLB standard.

Golf instructor Travis Fulton recently took to X to share his revelation. Fulton mentioned Ohtani’s speculated earnings and compared that with Rahm’s. The tweet read: “Ohtani $700 million for 10 years. Rahm rumored $600 million 3 years. MLB is roughly 4 times as big as PGA Tour. Golf is upside down now.” The comparison suggested the overall prominence of the games within their respective sports industries and how golf is now “upside down.”

With the speed at which things are unfolding in golf, such claims and revelations will keep making rounds. Golf is about to make it big. Outside of the assertions, however, Rahm’s deflection has raised some eyebrows in the silo. Here’s a backstory to all that has happened this week.

Jon Rahm has officially joined LIV Golf—a move that has disrupted the golfing landscape. The news wasn’t a shocker as claims about the same had been making swirls for weeks, but the announcement nonetheless came at the career peak for the 29-year-old golfer, and that left the PGAT fans unsated.

The golfer confirmed the move in a tweet on his X handle, where he expressed pride in joining LIV Golf and contributing to the sport’s growth. The tweet featured a photo of Rahm shaking hands with Greg Norman. The shift to LIV Golf is seen as part of broader changes in professional golf, particularly amid recent challenges in PGA Tour-LIV Golf negotiations.

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