Thanks to Anthony Davis, Floyd Mayweather Bags $230,000 at the Cost of Indiana Pacers Loss to Los Angeles Lakers

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Floyd Mayweather, backed by an estimated net worth of around $450 million, consistently flaunts his lavish lifestyle to fans. His fortune is reflected in his global travels, often on his fleet of Gulfstream jets, with a financial fire that burns at an impressive $450 million. This substantial figure solidifies Mayweather’s standing as the world’s net worth champion.

The Los Angeles Lakers made history by becoming the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament champions with a hard-fought 123-109 victory against the Indiana Pacers. The retired boxer who is known to engage in betting, recently earned another $230,000 betting on this game.

A few months ago, Mayweather became a brand ambassador for Betify, an online sports betting platform. It is through this platform that Mayweather seemingly made his recent chunk of change. Moreover, Anthony Davis played a pivotal role in this. He helped the LA Lakers climb to victory by contributing 41 points, 20 rebounds, five assists, and four blocks.

Although the Lakers held the lead for the majority of the game, the resilient Pacers managed to stay competitive. In the middle of the fourth quarter, they narrowed the deficit to three points at 102-99. However, the Lakers responded decisively with a 13-0 run, securing a final score of 115-99 and ultimately putting the game out of reach for the Pacers. LeBron James became the In-Season Tournament MVP for his outstanding performance throughout the event.

Mayweather had predicted this long before the match even started. As the Lakers won, Mayweather’s bet yielded results, and he bagged a whopping $229100. Once again, Mayweather’s betting skills helped him increase the size of his already enormous profits.

The undefeated boxer and his daughter Jirah Mayweather, enjoyed a Lakers vs. Pelicans game earlier this month, occupying courtside seats. Mayweather shared that amidst his busy schedule, he took time for a “daddy-daughter day.” Betting $50,000 on the Lakers, Mayweather ended up winning almost $90,000 as the Lakers triumphed over the Pelicans with a score of 133-89.

After the game, Mayweather took to Instagram to boast about his financial success, emphasizing that watching the game is more enjoyable with money on the line. Mayweather’s daughter, Jirah, accompanied him in witnessing the Lakers’ victory, adding a special touch to their father-daughter day at the NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 Semifinal.


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