Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Promises ‘Mullet’ Makeover Inspired by 24YO American Tennis Star

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World’s former number-one Serena Williams‘s popular husband, Alexis Ohanian is inspired by an American tennis star’s unique hairstyle. This tennis player is none other than the 2023 French Open’s first runner-up, JJ Wolf. Now Wolf earned the title of Big Ten Men’s Tennis Athlete of the Year in 2019. His combined 45-3 record in both singles and doubles has attracted many veterans of the tennis fraternity to his game. In this list, Alexis Ohanian shines as a bright name.

Apart from Wolf’s game, Ohanian seemed to get attracted to the tennis player’s unique mullet hairstyle. So much so that Ohanian took his X (formerly Twitter) to express his feelings to his fans.

America’s 23-year-old tennis player JJ Wolf is snatching all the spotlights for his new unique hairstyle. This Ohio State University star donned a vintage “mullet” hairstyle right before his birthday and at the Indian Wells tournament this season. However, this stylish and one-of-a-kind hairstyle attracted none other than fashion icon of tennis Serena Williams’s husband, Alexis Ohanian.

Taking this matter to his official X (formerly Twitter), Ohanian wrote- “I’m growing a mullet for 2024. JJ Wolf inspired me.”

Ohanian’s wife, who is a popular name in combining tennis with glamour, has inspired her husband to fashion. This couple is frequently spotted at many Vanity Fair fashion events. Now Ohanian seemed to be really motivated seeing this youngster of tennis proudly showing off a vintage American haircut. Not to mention, Ohanian openly spoke about it to the fans acknowledging the style game and the tennis abilities of JJ Wolf.

Serena Williams’s popular husband, Alexis Oahnian’s interest in styling and fashion was revealed earlier when this proud father appeared with a unique look at his daughter’s recital with a 19th-century German theme. Fans spotted Ohanian donning a vintage neatly plated hairstyle with buttoned coats and creative tie for the theme.

It was the moment when fans understood Ohanian’s love for vintage things. Now that he again acknowledged Wolf’s vintage mullet hairstyle as inspirational, people realized his soft spot for antique things. Now who can blame Ohanian right? After all, a proverb says that old is gold.


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