Bozy Ennis: “Boots Is Faster, Stronger Than Terence Crawford”

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Derek “Bozy” Ennis, father and trainer of Jaron Ennis, saw things playing out entirely differently. With his son gaining a ton of attention, coupled with his high ranking in each of the four sanctioning bodies, Bozy was convinced that his young star would be given a chance.

Patience was preached in the Ennis household. Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. finally agreed to terms earlier this year and squared off with all of the welterweight marbles on the line. Jaron, in the meanwhile, grabbed the IBF interim tag and played the waiting game.

Picking a winner was irrelevant to Team Ennis, they simply wanted to get their hands on the winner. That, of course, was Crawford. The 36-year-old dominated Spence, winning every millisecond of their unification. Impressive victory aside, Jaron couldn’t care less how good Crawford looked. The 26-year-old wanted his shot and began banging loudly on the door of the pound-for-pound star.

In the midst of his callouts, Crawford shrugged his shoulders and gave his man the cold shoulder. Considering his age, Crawford has admitted that Jaron is talented but he doesn’t view a matchup against him as a sexy one.

Bozy, by and large, understands where Crawford is coming from. However, popularity notwithstanding, the famed trainer is convinced that Crawford is an incredible fighter but when juxtaposed to his son, it isn’t even close.

“Boots is faster, stronger, and got more attributes than Terence,” said Bozy to MillCity Boxing.

When last seen, Jaron was busy painting a masterpiece against Roiman Villa. The Philly star had a jam-packed crowd at The Ballroom Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City up on their feet oohing and ahhing.

Bozy though, was mostly stoic as his son continued to put on a show. If fans and media members were impressed by what they saw a few months ago, they’ll lose their minds once Jaron is truly unleashed.

“We got a lot of weapons. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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