After a Sweet Drive With Wife Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian Passes Cheeky Comment Over Paps Who Snapped His New Cybertruck

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Serena Williams‘s popular husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian revealed a little disappointment over paparazzi recently. This celebrity husband was one of the first few people who bought Elon Musk’s brand new Tesla Cybertruck. Recently, he also attended Art Basel with his wife, Serena Williams, and got flashed by many cameras. However, the pictures seem to disappoint Ohanian a little bit.

Now Alexis Ohanian’s disappointment appeared quite interesting to many. However, is it just about his new car? Fans don’t think so. This is because he spoke about something that revealed another of his exclusive interests. Want to know what did disappoint Alexis Ohanian recently?

World’s former number-one tennis star Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian are such a glamorous couple that whichever event they attend, paparazzi never miss out on a chance to capture this lovely duo. The same thing happened the day Ohanian reached the Art Basel with his gorgeous wifey on his new Tesla Cybertruck.

In fact, they gave the paparazzi a great moment to capture them but this is where Ohanian shared his disappointment. Known for his direct comments on social media, Ohanian recently tweeted sharing his disappointment and wrote- “How’d they not shoot the @WeAreLAGC logo on the back tho.” While this is not a hard disappointment, fans understood Ohanian wanted to share another of his sports interests with the fans.

Now LAGC is the logo of Los Angeles’s Golf Club. The fact that Ohanian was intrigued to share that logo on the back of his car publicly means he wanted to display his golf interest.

Now that the Paparazzi were too busy documenting him with his talented wife Serena Williams, they didn’t focus on the right angle. However, now that Ohanian tweeted about it,  fans are over the moon knowing his interest in golf too.

Alexis Ohanian’s interest in Golf became quite determined to the community when he along with his famous wife Serena Williams and her sister Venus joined the prestigious and historic Los Angeles Golf Club in January. While previously Ohanian showed interest in Women’s football with his investment in Angel City FC, golf was truly something new to the fans.

However, Ohanian later revealed that it was his old pal and golf legend Tiger Woods who primarily motivated him to join the club. However, fans still understood Ohanian’s underlying interest in the sport.

Serena Williams’s husband Alexis Ohanian surely knows to be on the top of the headlines just like her wife. From owning a new Tesla Cybertruck to being a perfect husband, the internet is over the moon with his personality. Now with his interest in golf, Ohanian will soon charm his fans with an exciting presence in the sport.

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