Serena Williams Shows How It’s Done as She Uses Her Hustler Mindset to Blend Motherhood Chores and Entrepreneurial Duties

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Blessed with another child, Serena Williams as of now is truly overwhelmed as she is trying her best to take care of her second daughter, Adira. But that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her boss-woman goals. Her business end of the things is still being taken care of even if it means that she has to multitask between being a mother and an entrepreneur.

Recently she shared a post on her social media channel where it can be seen how she is juggling between motherhood and entrepreneurship. And as you would expect from Serena Williams, she is playing both roles flawlessly.

Tennis legend Serena Williams posted a video on her official business Instagram channel called Serena Ventures. In the video, she shared a few insights from behind the scenes on how she manages to care for and coddle Adira while also taking very important business decisions.

Williams can be heard making decisions about not making an investment in a company. She can also be seen talking about her business portfolio internally with her team. In fact, she also shares how she cannot be on the camera given that she has to take care of Adira along with being present to make important calls for her business.

As soon as she posted the video, it garnered warm reactions from her fans as well. They all came to support the fact that she is not only devoting her time to her work but also making sure to pamper Adira when needed.

One of the fans commented, “Love this. We all have so much to juggle while making an impact.” Serena’s struggle in the video can surely be relatable for a lot of mothers around and it seems to be resonating with her fans too.

Serena’s fans were beyond impressed seeing how she was managing everything including her work and her daughter. And she was doing it perfectly. A fan expressed it best, writing, “Awesome. Inspirational. A multitasking GOAT!

Another comment said, “Beauty and brains along with compassion and generosity! She’s a Queen! ♥️✨” Fans even appreciated her sense of managing both tasks at once which certainly is not easy for anyone.


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