‘I Don’t Take Any Pay’- Venus Williams Endorses Herself for a Job in Sister Serena Williams’ Team After Her New-Found Hobby

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Over the years, Venus Williams has enriched her image as a tennis legend with many more contours from outside the world of sports. She has not only conquered the business world but her style and sense of fashion are always in the news. In her latest avatar, she becomes an Art Advisor—for Miami Art Week and interestingly, also for her younger sister Serena Williams.

Venus recently shared how she helped her younger sister pick out the best artworks she came across during Miami Art Week, though eventually, she missed out on buying something for herself amidst the chaos. In fact, she cheekily mentioned not getting paid for her expertise.

The tennis superstar recently co-hosted the Miami Art Week at the Pace Gallery. During the art week, she picked out a few art pieces for her sister Serena Williams as well. Given that Serena Williams has just started collecting art, she asked for help from Venus Williams.

In fact, she also added how getting busy with helping Serena out, she could not get the artists’ works for herself. In the end, she was left with limited options. Not just that, Venus Williams also shared how she got introduced to the world of art in the first place.

Venus Williams shares what caught her attention in art

The senior Williams shared that ever since she was 18 years old, she wanted to go to design school. She was even approached by one of the schools in Florida where she could go to study design. She added that she always loved design but it could never materialize. At the time she had already become a professional tennis player and was in no place to switch careers.

However, later she started fashion school and learned more about painting and other forms of art. This eventually led to her aiming to be an art connoisseur and she started collecting artworks with the help of a friend.

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