Serena Williams Pulls off a Notorious Act With Big Sister Venus’ Possession

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Venus and Serena Williams undoubtedly shared an unmatched rivalry, as they have graced the women’s tour for more than two decades. However, the American tennis icons have never let their fierce on-court rivalry come in the way of their sisterly bond. While sharing a close relationship with her elder sister, the 23-time singles Grand Slam champion has pulled off some notorious acts, one of which has recently surfaced online.

From trespassing on her house to stealing items from Venus, the younger Williams sister has been accused of such humorous sibling shenanigans. Now, the ‘Queen of the Court’ has once again pulled off yet another notorious act with her elder sister Venus’ possession.

In her latest Instagram stories, Serena Williams shared a video clip of her elder sister’s black strap sandals. “I’M GONNA  STAY @VENUSWILLIAMS  SHOES…,” the 23-time singles Grand Slam champion further added the caption.

serena williams

In another video clip, Serena was later sighted donning Venus’ footwear, as she also flexed those black sandals. The ‘Queen of the Court’ once again stole an item from her elder sister, who might later find out about it.

This is not the first time that the younger Williams sister has jokingly exposed herself as a thief. Even during her previous visit to Venus’ office, the former tennis ace was involved in a similar humorous activity that showcased her kleptomaniac tendencies in this sisterly bond.

Serena Williams also pulled off a similar act at her elder sister’s office

What good are siblings if you can’t tease them or steal their possessions? It seems like the ‘Queen of the Court’ is making the most of this universal language of siblings with Venus. In one of her previous social media posts, Serena Williams exposed herself for stealing items from the 7-time singles Grand Slam champion’s office while she was not there.

The younger Williams sister was sighted picking up wired earphones and a laptop charger as she said, “That in my bag.” Serena Williams took malicious pleasure in her heist as she proudly said, “Sometimes I come to Venus’s office and steal things.”


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