“Who Is He Fighting”: Fans Shows Excitement for Mystery Opponent as Reports Claim Gervonta Davis to Headline PBC’s First Amazon Prime Video PPV in March

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In a surprising twist, boxing’s landscape shifts as Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis gears up for a groundbreaking event. March 2024 marks a pivotal moment. PBC’s first pay-per-view on Amazon Prime Video features him. But the intrigue lies not just in the platform switch. It’s the mystery shrouding his opponent that’s stirring the pot.

This shift, announced by Michael Benson citing Mike Coppinger, is more than a broadcast change. It’s a potential reshaping of boxing’s PPV dynamics. Davis, with a 29-0 knockout-rich record, faces an unnamed adversary. Speculation is rife, anticipations are high.

In the heart of the boxing community’s current discourse, Michael Benson’s tweet, citing Mike Coppinger, an ESPN Boxing insider sets the stage: “Gervonta Davis reportedly could headline PBC’s first Amazon Prime Video PPV in March.” This announcement alone has sparked a flurry of reactions, each unique in its anticipation and perspective.

Firstly, one fan draws a parallel between Davis’ move to Prime and Floyd Mayweather’s iconic shift to Showtime. This comparison suggests a monumental impact on the platform’s boxing content.

Another reaction mirrors a widespread curiosity, asking the crucial question on everyone’s mind: who is Davis’ opponent?

Meanwhile, one fan voices a plea for new blood in the ring, expressing a clear disinterest in a rematch with Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz. This sentiment reflects a desire among fans for fresh and compelling matchups, rather than revisiting past bouts.

On the other hand, one fan proposes a dream fight – Shakur Stevenson versus Gervonta Davis.

Lastly, another person throws another name into the mix, hoping for Frank Martin to be Davis’ opponent. This suggestion adds to the diverse array of possibilities fans are considering, indicating the wide interest in seeing different styles and talents clash against Davis.

Their varied preferences and speculations highlight the importance of selecting an opponent who not only matches Davis’ skill but also captures the audience’s imagination. Davis recently called out Isaac Cruz on his Instagram. Is this a hint of them building up a rematch?

The riveting rivalry between Isaac Cruz and Gervonta Davis harks back to their 2012 clash, a bout that defied expectations. In the iconic Staples Center, Cruz stepped in as a late substitute, challenging Davis, a star under Floyd Mayweather’s tutelage, known for his knockout prowess. Their encounter turned into a grueling 12-round battle, far from the predicted easy win for Davis. Ultimately, Davis eked out a unanimous decision, but the fight’s closeness revealed the intensity of their matchup.

Recently reigniting this rivalry, Davis took to Instagram with a taunting remark, suggesting his victory was effortless despite using only “one hand.” This brewing tension hints at a highly anticipated rematch, where both fighters will look to settle their unfinished business


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