Mike Tyson Gets Late Daughter Exodus’ Tattoo on His Chest 14 Years After Her Tragic Demise

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Mike Tyson reached the heights of success, however, his life was far from easy. Throughout his life, he struggled relentlessly against various tribulations in his life. His journey was a rollercoaster of highs in the boxing ring and lows outside of it. Despite being a ferocious force in the boxing world, Tyson’s personal life was riddled with challenges. Born into poverty, Tyson faced adversity from an early age.

His meteoric rise in boxing brought him fame and fortune, but it couldn’t shield him from the hardships that followed. Substance abuse, legal troubles, and personal setbacks became recurring themes in his tumultuous life. However, the passing of his daughter Exodus was one of the most life-changing things he had to face. After 14 years of her sad demise, Tyson has decided to pay tribute to his late daughter, through a sweet gesture.

At the age of 42, legendary boxer Mike Tyson faced a personal tragedy that would leave a lasting impact on his life. The most devastating event occurred with the untimely death of his daughter, Exodus Tyson, on May 26, 2009. The circumstances surrounding her passing were both shocking and heart-wrenching.

Exodus Tyson’s demise resulted from a dreadful accident involving a treadmill. Discovered by her older brother with a cable entangled around her neck, the incident unfolded tragically. Despite immediate efforts to seek medical intervention and placing her on life support, Exodus could not be saved, eventually succumbing to the accident.

Mike Tyson, unfortunately, was not present at his Phoenix, Arizona home when the incident occurred. Upon learning of the situation while in Las Vegas, he promptly flew back to Phoenix to face this unimaginable ordeal. And now, years after her passing, Tyson in a heartwarming gesture, chose to get a tattoo of her face on his chest. The tattoo artist Noah Bissi did an impressive job at bringing the late Exodus to life once again through his art. He even shared the video of the process on his Instagram account.

Tyson’s struggle with drug abuse after Exodus’ passing

The devastating loss of his daughter plunged Mike Tyson into deep despair, a period that eventually saw him grappling with drug abuse. In an interview with Real Sports in 2013, Tyson emotionally shared the profound impact of his daughter’s death on his life.

Reflecting on the aftermath of the tragedy, Tyson candidly expressed, “I did some cocaine for a week. I had to get high, I had to pick, I had to get high… You have to go, you understand, right?”


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