4 Years After Magical Gift From Husband, Serena Williams Goes Back to the Same Place With Alexis Ohanian and Olympia in an Enriching Family Time

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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s love is beyond description. Even though they have been together since 2017, they have raised the bar for what true love means. Not only that, he also adores the 42-year-old American tennis legend’s love for the multiverse and Disney characters. Now and then, he never misses an opportunity to surprise her while taking a trip to the iconic Disneyland.

But now, 4 years after their last visit as a couple, the whole family took a trip to Disney World, creating memories as a family. This time, it was Olympia who joined her parents on the adventure trip that she might never forget.

Recently, the 23-time Grand Slam Champion’s family, including her husband and her 6-year-old daughter, went on a family trip to Disney World. The love between Williams and Disney is quite out in the open, in the same way, her daughter is also quite into princesses and the beautiful fictional world.

Some amazing insights from their trip are going viral on social media, where the whole family was seen enjoying the little moments of joy together. The family was seen testing the special effects of the journey of water that was inspired by Moana. Which is a new addition that opened this year at Epcot. Along with that, they also meet Moana’s character and Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog.”

The former world number one, in a video released by Disney, talked about her experience. She said, “Everyone is always so happy.  It’s like you can step away from all the stress and worries from the world and then come here and just relax.” Subsequently, Williams also highlighted how the newest addition, Epcot, is a great place to visit.

“It’s really a wonderful place for adults. They have great food. I love the ‘Frozen’ ride there.” she stated. However, do you know that this is not the first time the 42-year-old American tennis legend has gone to Disney World?

Williams’ Disney trip down the memory lane

As a couple, Williams and Ohanian had enjoyed their own time at Disneyland. In 2019, the co-founder of Reddit surprised his wife by taking her to Disneyland’s Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy theme park. Ohanian gave her the trip as a magical gift and surprised her with it. Furthermore, he posted an excerpt of their journey on Instagram.

He also included a lovely caption for his wife.  Ohanian stated, “Celebrating my wife today and every day. Even though she never lets me win, Always. Let. Me. Win.”

The image, which appeared to be from a dream, showed the 42-year-old sitting in a restaurant with a Star Wars theme. And now, four years later, with a little addition, the couple once again enjoyed their time as a family.


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