School and Business Takes a Back Seat for Serena Williams’ Husband as He Shares an Adorable Moment With 6YO Daughter

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The loving husband and caring father, Alexis Ohanian is back at it again. The Reddit founder turned hedge fund manager often shares tiny delightful moments with his family on the internet. Fans are as excited for his tweets and posts as they are for Serena Williams. In a recent turn of events, Ohanian shared another very exciting and kind of funny tweet. The star of this tweet was no other than his 6-year-old daughter Olympia.

The internet as always is adoring this latest tweet. Ohanian has undoubtedly won many hearts through his personality alone. What he put up this time is worth talking about.

The hustle of a morning with the rush to school, and the backdrop of a business trip is what Ohanian is routine to. He took us into a slice of his life that’s both relatable and heartwarming. In a recent tweet that stirred the internet’s affection, Ohanian shared a screenshot from a FaceTime call with his 6-year-old daughter, Olympia.

The caption said: “Facetime on the way to school when I’m on a business trip.” This unveiled a snippet of the everyday juggle faced by the doting father. The screen captures a genuine moment as a glimpse into the balancing act between career responsibilities and familial duties. Ohanian, through the simplicity of a digital encounter delivered a profound message about the importance of staying connected. It makes it even more meaningful as the father-daughter duo is miles apart.

Ohanian’s tweet resonates not just as a celebrity sharing a personal tidbit but as a reminder of the universal struggle of parents. Especially those who are striving to be present in their children’s lives. This fleeting but impactful moment perfectly encapsulates the modern narrative of parenthood. Fortunately, technology bridges gaps and allows for shared moments despite physical distances.

In the whirlwind of their bustling schedule, Ohanian, despite his demanding roles as a hedge fund manager and entrepreneur, remains the embodiment of a committed family man. Ohanian continues to carve out such moments.

This echoes a sentiment mirrored by his wife, Serena Williams, whose illustrious career in athletics hasn’t deterred her from being a present and nurturing mother. The Ohanian-Williams duo defies the norm, proving that even amidst success and tight schedules, family remains a priority worth cherishing.


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