Despite Making Taylor Swift Groove, Lil Wayne Sides With Simone Biles Over Chiefs vs Packers Game

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Lil Wayne turned into a fortune teller before the Packers’ tussle with the Chiefs. As the Week 13 showdown still unfolds, the rapper’s predictions are starting to come true. The Green Bay Packers are leading 24-19, but there was one oversight in this foretelling that might turn the tables any moment.

The Kansas City Chiefs were the subject of widespread attention this NFL season owing to the presence of Taylor Swift in the spectator’s box. The 12-time Grammy-winning artist has showed up for most games this season to cheer for Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. Her attendance at Lambeau Field has sparked speculations about the accuracy of Lil Wayne’s prediction, but the Packers, too, have a lucky charm in Simone Biles cheering from the bleachers.

The Olympic gymnast braved the cold winds of Wisconsin to support her husband, Jonathan Owens. This was a particularly game-changing match for the NFL star as his squad was playing against the Super Bowl Champions. Therefore, he needed an extra dose of luck, and Simone Biles could not resist the temptation to support him. Nevertheless, while performing her act of love, Biles also found a new fan. NBC Sports tweeted a picture of Lil Wayne with a caption reading, “We know who Lil Wayne is rooting for tonight”. The answer to the retrospective question for the uninformed was in the photo where Lil Wayne’s tweet of “GO PACK GO!!!!!!” was clearly visible.

Lil Wayne is a Packers superfan and has even composed the theme song for the squad. The sensational musician has the capacity to hype up an entire arena just as he did at the VMAs in 2023. His electrifying “A Milli” performance even forced Taylor Swift from his NFL rival camp to dance along to the music. However, this was not enough to win him over as Lil Wayne never withdrew his support from the Packers. As he celebrated the results of Sunday’s match, Taylor Swift left Lambeau Field with a frown.

The “Cruel Summer” singer has revelled in the wild jubilation that her appearance during every Chiefs game brought to the fans. The fans saw her as a lucky charm and believed her presence guaranteed a victory for the team. She has also been instrumental in increasing the revenue for the Chiefs, as the Travis Kelce jersey is now selling like hot cake. However, after the Chiefs lost Sunday’s match against the Packers despite her attendance, Taylor Swift’s lucky charm role is in jeopardy.


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