Billionaire Floyd Mayweather “Transforms” His $300,000 McLaren Into a “Killer Bee”

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Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to expensive things. Whether it’s jewelry or a brand-new car, the richest boxer in the world – has got it all. The billionaire is often seen on social media flaunting his seemingly endless wealth. However, this time, ‘Money’ Mayweather took it to a whole new level. In a recent turn of events, the retired world champion flaunted his brand-spanking new McLaren 720S Coupe.

The McLaren 720S Coupe is owned by the wealthiest in the world, thanks to the unbelievable prize tag the car comes with. However, for someone like Floyd Mayweather, whose real-estate portfolio is as impressive as his boxing career, the price of the McLaren is no big deal. So, turning to Instagram, Mayweather decided to flaunt his $300,000 McLaren 720S.

Turning to Instagram, ‘Money’ Mayweather shared the clip, alongside a caption that read – “Sorry I had to sting y’all with the killer Bee!” In the clip, Mayweather claimed, “I love toys. One of my toys,” giving a walk around of the new yellow marvel. He went on to suggest that people have only seen him with his black or white cars.

It’s crazy, a lot of times, people only see black and white,” said Mayweather. Later, Mayweather claimed he had some other cars and proceeded to show the car’s convertible feature. “I got a couple of other cars – that’s crazy. Let me show you how it transforms,” said Mayweather. However, the McLaren 720S isn’t the most impressive car in Mayweather’s garage.

When someone has the kind of money Floyd Mayweather has, a $50 million private jet or a $1.4 million diamond-encrusted watch is nothing to them. However, a rare Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita remains the highlight of Mayweather’s possessions. It is one of the world’s fastest cars, capable of reaching speeds of up to 248 mph.

However, the most crazy part about the car is that there are only two of its kind in the world. What’s more, the hypercar has a unique fiber-coated solution that gives the car a sparkling, silvery-white finish that resembles millions of diamonds. However, Mayweather had a businessman’s mindset – so he sold the car for $2.6 million.


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