“Trash to Leak Sparring”: Unearthed Footage of Gervonta Davis vs. Devin Haney Sparks Outrage Among Boxing World

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Some clips should never see the light of the day, but this one did! In a recent turn of events, a clip of Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney surfaced online, sparking outrage among fans. The clip came to light as ‘The Dream’ Haney is about to square off against Regis Prograis. The fight will unfold on 9 December at Chase Center in San Francisco.

Recently, Ray Jackson turned to X (formerly Twitter) to share the clip in question. It showed ‘Tank’ Davis and Haney engaged in a heated sparring session. Alongside the clip, Jackson wrote, “Leaked footage of Tank Davis sparring Devin Haney. Tank damn near KOs Devin with 16oz gloves.” As the leaked clip of the two fighters started circulating on the platform, a wave of discontent and frustration swept through the boxing world.

Since the clip went live on X, it has collected over 100K views, more than 900 hearts, and a plethora of comments. While some claimed Davis dominated the fight, others refused the notion entirely.

One user suggested the fight was completely one-sided, giving the win to ‘Tank’ Davis.

Another user suggested Davis was more aggressive, but Haney wasn’t about to get knocked out.

Someone else highlighted that ‘Tank’ was twenty-four and Haney eighteen, suggesting that the age difference had a huge role to play.

The next user claimed it was just a sparring session, so it didn’t mean anything. In addition, the user also condemned whoever leaked the sparring session.

One user claimed ‘Tank’ landed a few blows that scared Haney from swinging.

While the sparring clip sparked a debate among fans, previously, Davis reacted to potentially becoming the new WBA champion after Haney vacated the title.

Gervonta Davis replaces Devin Haney as the WBA champion but isn’t happy about it

Recently, ‘The Dream’ vacated the WBA regular title, clearing the spot to be occupied by Gervonta Davis. However, as it turns out, Davis doesn’t seem all that happy about the upgrade. Michael Benson recently turned to X, sharing the news with his followers, and Davis quickly found the tweet.

“I don’t want that sh**,” Davis quickly wrote back. Later, Benson shared his reaction, writing, “Gervonta Davis reacts to the news that he will likely be upgraded from WBA ‘regular’ belt holder to become WBA lightweight world champion after Devin Haney vacated…” Regardless of whether ‘Tank’ wants it or not, the title might be his.


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