Set on a Path to Duke It Out Inside a Boxing Ring, Deontay Wilder Makes Serious Allegations Against Anthony Joshua: “Y’all Cop Tickets”

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Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua in the same ring is a dream fight for countless boxing enthusiasts. Recently, Wilder publicly called out Joshua for a potential fight. In his opinion, if Joshua faced him, their match would enter the category of great and classic fights. Their 7-year-long rivalry is heating up and they might finally put an end to all the anticipation.

Both the Titans will fight on the same card on December 23 and that is the closest we have seen them against each other. While Wilder is set to face former WBC Heavyweight champion Joseph Parker. Anthony Joshua, who formerly held the Unified Heavyweight title, will meet his match in Otto Wallin. Recently in an interview on ‘The Last Stand’, Wilder went in on Joshua with some serious allegations.

In an interview with Brian Custer, Wilder claimed that AJ is a fighter not worthy of the fame and credit he gets. Wilder went on to say that Joshua is not a born champion. “I have said it many times before and I’ll say it again. There’s a difference between champions being born and champions being made, Brian. And Joshua was made, You understand me. He was a made fighter. They bought things, they gave him things,” stated the Bronze Bomber

Wilder alleged that Joshua fakes the sold-out arenas. He added, “Even with the certain things with the arena whole thing sold out this and all? Y’all didnt sold out nothing, Y’all cop tickets and y’all resold them. I know how the whole game works bro.” According to Wilder, Joshua and his team buy tickets and then resell them to show that they’ve sold out only to later sell them under the table. “And you cop all, you bought all your tickets. Now it seems like you just sold out the arena,” said the ‘Bronze Bomber’.

Having been in the business for a long time, Wilder claimed he knew the ins and outs of the whole deal. As the two get down in Riyadh, they must discuss with their team about a future fight against each other.

Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch believes Wilder will blast out Joshua in a single round in a possible fight. Wilder, in Froch’s opinion, would swiftly defeat AJ with a knockout in the first round. He has consistently maintained this belief and stands by it. “Wilder would come out in the first round looking for AJ, who is tentative at the best of times, but he is now afraid of his own shadow these days. I think Wilder catches him with a bomb that lands on his chin and he goes down and just does not get up,” said Froch, seeming sure that Wilder will flatten out Joshua.

However, Froch does think Joshua has the potential to prevail if he gives up his current approach and fights more cautiously. He believes that if Joshua does lose it’ll be the end of his career. The fight carries too much value for AJ to take it right now. The way he is, he does not want to get up once he goes down.


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