Mike Tyson Reveals Real Reason He Gave David Benavidez the Moniker ‘Mexican Monster’

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When the most terrifying boxer in the world gives another a moniker, such as the ‘Mexican Monster,’ it unequivocally highlights how good that boxer really is. Popularly, the legendary boxer ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson called David Benavidez the ‘Mexican Monster’ after witnessing the raw power and skills of the undefeated boxer. However, not a lot of people are aware of why Tyson called him that.

While appearing in a recent interview with KSNV’s News 3 LV, Mike Tyson shed light on the reason. Benavidez is coming off a lopsided win over Demetrius Andrade in their fight on 25 November at Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas. Since then, a wave of anticipation has taken over the boxing world for the potential fight between Benavidez and Canelo Alvarez. So, while shedding light on the potential fight, Mike Tyson revealed the reason he named Benavidez – the ‘Mexican Monster.’

Mike Tyson recently found himself in an interview with News 3 LV, promoting a newly launched product. However, as one would in the presence of a legendary boxer, the anchor quickly steered the conversation towards boxing. The reporter questioned Tyson about how he came up with the moniker for Benavidez.

Without wasting a breath, the former heavyweight champion claimed he gave Benavidez the moniker because “That’s what he was. Even though he is half Mexcian, that’s what he was…pounding people [paw paw paw…], you know what I am talking about. He threw twenty punches [paw paw paw…].” While Tyson gave Benavidez quite an imposing nickname, his own remains the most ferocious.

It’s no secret that most of Tyson’s opponents feared getting in the ring with him. Despite his smaller stature, the heavyweight boxer tore through his opponents without a shred of mercy. That, coupled with his imposing and loudmouth personality, made people fear him even when he wasn’t in the ring.

As for his moniker, Sky Sports once reportedly called ‘Iron’ Mike the most ferocious fighter to ever step inside the square. That’s where the moniker was born, aptly describing Mike Tyson in his prime. Even though many fighters today try to use the moniker to boast their own prowess in the ring, the 57-year-old New Yorker remains the only one deserving of the moniker.


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