“Approved by Both Tyson and Mayweather”: Floyd Mayweather, 46, Impresses Fans by Throwing Over 1000 Punches in 4-Round Fight Camp Challenge Ahead of John Gotti III Rematch

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Retirement hasn’t slowed down Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated champion, known as ‘Money.’ After his perfect 50-0 record bout with Conor McGregor in 2017, Mayweather seemed to retire, but his love for the sport led to a string of seven exhibition bouts, five of which occurred in the last two years. In his most recent exhibition, Mayweather faced off against John Gotti III resulting in a no-contest in June. The bout turned into a circus, marked by constant fouls, taunting, and a brawl involving fans and corners, forcing the referee to call off the fight.

Now, Mayweather is set for a rematch with Gotti in February 2024, aiming to capitalize on the controversy and bad blood from their first encounter. The American boxer strategically selects opponents for his exhibitions, balancing fan intrigue with minimal pugilistic threat, and Gotti seems to fit this criterion perfectly.

While no precise date for the rematch has been announced, the proximity to the Super Bowl on February 11th suggests a likely target for the fight on Saturday, the 10th. Mayweather’s active retirement continues to keep fans guessing and the spotlight firmly on him. However, recently, the retired boxer once again shocked his fans. This time, it was his surprising punching speed that left the fans in utter amazement.

In the video, Mayweather did the FightChamp workout after being challenged to do a 4-round workout. Moreover, he ended up punching over 1000 times in a matter of 4 minutes. Mayweather complimented the workout as he evaluated the product. So what did the fans have to say about Mayweather’s speed?

Fans approve of Mayweather’s workout

As the video of Floyd Mayweather showing off his skills surfaced on social media, fans couldn’t help but share their amazement at the speed of Mayweather. Many took the chance to joke around as well. One fan pointed out how both Mike Tyson and Mayweather have seemingly approved the idea. He wrote, “So cool! Approved by both Tyson and Mayweather. Great workout and way more fun than a treadmill!”

Another fan pointed out how the company seems to be collaborating with outstanding fighters. He pointed out, “Y’all over there herding GOATS at this point!”. 

Meanwhile, one fan humorously remarked, “He like now I need one in Louis Vuitton leather. Can you make that happen?”.

A fan questioned the use of the product, he asked, “So is this supposed to warm you up or is it a proper workout session? I don’t understand, seems fun though.” Someone else, praised, “Badass. Love my products from this company so much.”


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