Simone Biles (Unofficially) Sidelines Jonathan Owens on Own Territory After Receiving a Special Gift

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The cold winds of Wisconsin blowing past Lambeau Field quickly warmed up from the intense energy radiating out of the bleachers. The fans were clamoring at their lung capacity as the Packers trumped up a stupendous challenge for the Chiefs. The Super Bowl Champions were dumbfounded by the unexpected ferocity of the Packers until they noticed the gymnastic G.O.A.T Simone Biles in the rival camp.

Simone Biles traveled to Wisconsin to support her husband, Jonathan Owens, in this major game. Nevertheless, she had not expected to sideline him as one Packers fan turned the tables, passionately cheering for her.

The legendary gymnast was walking down the field near the spectators’ stand when a fan accosted her. Their hilarious interaction was caught on camera and uploaded to the Sunday Night Football on NBC X page with the caption, “An incredible surprise for Simone Biles from this Packers fan!”. At the start of this funny exchange, Simone Biles kept a straight face as a man dressed as a frozen cube of cheese greeted her. The fan said, “WHAT A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU. YOU ARE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. I HAD TO MAKE YOU SOMETHING, OKAY?”

Thereafter, he pulled out a goat hat, which immediately caused Biles to break out in wild laughter. Simone Biles graciously accepted the gift, all the while smiling and uttering “OH MY GOD” under her breath. She thanked the fan and put the goat figurine on her head. The hat did not fit her as she was wearing a thick jacket with a hoodie around her head. Biles held the hat by the goat’s limbs and turned to pose for the camera. However, the excitement was far from over.

The Packers have been on a roll recently and have earned their fans’ respect. With six victories, they are the third-best team in the NFC North. A major chunk of their score can be attributed to the impressive play from Jonathan Ownes. Even during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jonathan Owens helped his squad gather a lead. The game now stands at 24 – 19 in favor of the Green Bay Packers.

Therefore, the fan who gifted Simone the GOAT hat could not ignore Jonathan Owens’ contributions and gifted her another hat. This was for the NFL player and was designed in his likeness. “We can’t let your husband out of the picture”, said the fan while handing over the hat to Simone. Their interaction added another layer of excitement to the much-anticipated game.

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