“Killing Yourself”: Years After It Almost Took His Life, Mike Tyson Opens Up About His Alcohol Addiction

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During an emotional press conference in New York a couple of years ago, former Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson candidly admitted to deceiving his friends about maintaining sobriety. In a raw revelation, Tyson expressed the severity of his struggle, confessing that he was “on the verge of dying” due to his battles with alcoholism.

Again in a recent interview, Mike Tyson talked about how he never really did cannabis during his fight days, however, he drank a lot of alcohol. Besides that, he has also touched on the topic of quitting his addiction to cigarettes, once it got between his training and fight routine. And, the legendary boxer has also cited the reason it was difficult for him to quit alcohol.
In a candid conversation with Sports Editor Bryan Salmond, Tyson talked about the flourishing business of his cannabis line named Tyson 2.0. Then, the reporter also asked him if his use of these products had helped him improve inside the boxing ring. At that moment, Tyson said, “But I would drink like a fish, I was a full-blown alcoholic, and then I learnt that the smoking, I shouldn’t be doing this if I’m fighting. You know, the alcohol is legal so you’re not doing anything bad in your mind but killing yourself.
So, Tyson has been quite vocal about his addictions and how he’s always tried to overcome them. It’ll be surprising for some of the fans to know that Tyson still considers himself to be a recovering addict.

In an interview with NORE and DJ EFN on Drink Champs, ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson openly acknowledged his ongoing battle as a “recovering drug addict and alcoholic.” Tyson’s struggles, well-documented over the years, reflect a personal journey he is actively seeking to overcome. In a stark self-reflection, Tyson identified his aggressiveness and closed-mindedness as formidable adversaries in his quest for personal growth.

Expressing a desire to transform into a “good person,” the former universal monarch acknowledged the need for reinvention in the aftermath of various controversies. So, it’s difficult to say if ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ is successful in leaving his addiction completely or not.


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