“I Never Dreamt in 100 Years I’d Be Doing This”: With Over $160 Million Partnership, Once Bankrupt Mike Tyson Credits “Divine Intervention” for His Revived Success

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In a surprising twist, boxing legend Mike Tyson now champions a realm far from the ring. With a venture valued over $160 million, Tyson’s pivot is startling. Once grappling with bankruptcy, he credits an unexpected source for this turnaround: divine intervention. Tyson, known for his ferocity in boxing, reveals a softer, more reflective side.

Transitioning from the boxing ring to the cannabis industry, Mike Tyson’s journey is as compelling as it is unexpected. His latest venture, Tyson 2.0, has catapulted him into a new realm of success, with a partnership now valued at over $160 million. This marks a stark contrast to his past financial struggles, highlighting a remarkable turnaround.

In his candid conversation with Sports Director Bryan Salmond, Tyson’s enthusiasm for his new endeavor was palpable. “Hey, listen, it was some divine intervention,” Tyson expressed. He continued, “I never dreamt in 100 years I would be doing this and thank god that I am.” This humility and gratitude underscore a significant shift from his former image. He attributes much of his success to the people around him, saying, “I have a good team around me. It’s the biggest factor in this whole situation, I have a really good team.”
Tyson’s entry into the cannabis market is more than just a business decision. It is a personal journey that began with his support of the plant’s many health benefits. Through Tyson 2.0, he’s advancing a way of life that he fervently believes in alongside developing a brand. In the same interview Tyson also talked about his alcohol addiction. Dive deeper to find that out!

In the same eye-opening segment with Sports Editor Bryan Salmond, Mike Tyson, revealed a more vulnerable side of his past. While discussing his successful cannabis venture, Tyson 2.0, the conversation shifted to his personal struggles during his boxing years. Surprisingly, Tyson confessed that he wasn’t using cannabis at the time but battled severe alcoholism. “I would drink like a fish; I was a full-blown alcoholic,” he admitted.

He also recognized the irony in his choices, saying, “the alcohol is legal, so you’re not doing anything bad in your mind, but killing yourself.” This candid revelation highlights Tyson’s ongoing journey as a recovering addict, a stark contrast to his public persona and a revelation that might startle many fans.

As Tyson continues to navigate his new path with Tyson 2.0, his story serves as a reminder of the power of reinvention and the importance of confronting one’s past. How often do we overlook the struggles behind a public figure’s success?

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