’Things Have Changed,’: Following Sergio Garcia’s Subtle Hint, a Tiger Woods Nod Hints at a Possible Jon Rahm Exit

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Jon Rahm’s exit might be the biggest year-end highlight on the PGA Tour this season. Speculations and claims about the world no. 3 joining LIV Golf have been making rounds in the golfing silo. The golfer’s moves lately—a Tiger Woods’ TGL exit, and not playing at the Hero World Challenge, have been the most talked about, as the absence of Rahm from the biggest PGAT circuit events has raised some eyebrows.

In the midst of it all, quiet insinuations keep ringing the doorbell. Recently, LIV Golf player Sergio Garcia made a subtle indication of Rahm’s PGAT departure, and hours after his flicker, PGA Tour star Tiger Woods has hinted at the same, this time, definitely affirming the fans’ doubts.

Tiger Woods’ return to the greens has been the highlight of the professional golfing year-end this time around. The golfer has made a reentry after 7 months of no pro play, and so, the coverage channels, media outlets, and the SNS reports have been having a field day with all the Woods content.

In the recent series of events, Woods sat for a Q&A session with the media. In the conversation, the golfer was asked about his fellow player Jon Rahm’s exit from the PGA Tour circuit and his pathway to take up the rumored $600 million LIV Golf offer. As reported by TWLEGION, the player claimed that things have changed—hinting at a potential Rahm move. “Hypothetically would it surprise me, yes, but there’s so many different things that have happened in the last, as you said, 48 hours but also in the last few weeks,” the golfer remarked.

Further on that, Woods added, “Things have changed and will continue to change…a lot of different things are happening very quickly…today’s the first day in December, we don’t have a whole lot of time.”

The golfer did not straight up admit to the move, but his answer somewhat drew a diplomatic line and implied that there might possibly be chances that Rahm has accepted the LIV offer and will be on the Saudi-backed fray in 2024. Looking at this insinuation, a similar conversation trajectory by Sergio Garcia resurfaces with the reinforcing background.

In the recent series of golfing events, Sergio Garcia, a fellow Spaniard, hinted at Rahm’s possible signing during a podcast, ‘Fairway to Heaven’ with hosts Foltz and Heng. The golfer talked about his LIV standing and his team missing a player after Carlos Oritz’s choice to play as a free agent.

The conversation took a turn when Garcia mentioned the addition of a young and talented player to his team, the Fireballs, without disclosing the name. While withholding the player’s name, the veteran golfer suggested that the information would be revealed soon, adding to the speculation surrounding Jon Rahm’s potential move to LIV Golf and possibly joining his team.

The anticipation for an official announcement from LIV Golf and Rahm himself is now the only confirmation people are looking forward to. Despite earlier doubts raised by golfer Richard Bland about Rahm joining Garcia’s team, the ongoing buzz suggests that there might be a change in the air, and only confirmation from the relevant parties can now ascertain the claims.

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