“Did Ryan Take Too Many Shots to the Back of His Head?”: Fans in Disbelief as Ryan Garcia Makes Bold Comparison Between Gervonta Davis and Recent Opponent Oscar Duarte

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Despite facing challenges from Oscar Duarte‘s aggressive tactics, Ryan Garcia secured a victory with a knockout in the eighth round on Saturday night in Houston. Garcia, competing for the first time since his KO loss to Gervonta Davis in April, encountered disapproval from the crowd in the fifth round and seemed to be losing control of the fight. However, he turned the tide with a decisive blow to the head that ultimately sent Duarte to the canvas and forced him to take a knee.

Garcia has recently revealed that the fight against Duarte was much tougher for him than the Davis fight which he in fact lost. Fans were in disbelief and took to the comments section to air out their feelings.
After the fight, King Ry made his controversial revelation during the post-fight presser. Garcia in a press conference stated, “This was scarier than fighting Tank. I am not gonna lie. He had a hard punch.” Fans had their own interpretation of his statement. One fan claimed this was another tactic to get Davis inside the ring, stating, “Rolly said the same. They tryna lure Tank into a rematch.”
“Did Ryan take to many shots to the back of his head ? Cuz he sounds different and acting different,” said another user mocking Garcia.

“I don’t ever complain he said…” recalled another user, underscoring the boxer’s hypocrisy.

“Lmaoo what a surprise literally every time when someone wins they try to make their opponent seem great, lmaooo before shakur fought santos he was a bum after he won he’s a great fighter,” said one fan who pointed out how every boxer tries to put his opponent on a pedestal to make their own victory seem bigger.

“Duarte chose not to get up just like Ryan did vs Tank,” stated a user who drew parallels between Duarte’s performance against Garcia and Garcia’s performance against Davis.

At 25, Garcia is already eyeing his next challenge in his pursuit– a potential unification bout against Rolly Romero, the WBA super-lightweight champion. When reflecting on his recent performance and outlining his long-term goals, Garcia specifically mentioned Romero as a good prospect. Expressing eagerness for the matchup, Garcia characterized Romero as a formidable and exciting adversary.

Despite uncertainty regarding Romero’s injury status, Garcia issued a direct challenge, stating, “I want Rolly. I feel like it’s a fun fight. He’s a great, aggressive, crazy dude. The lead-up would be crazy. I want that, you know. [The] dude has the title, technically. But yeah, let’s do it. I don’t know if you have a real injury or not, but he’ll answer.”


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