‘Two More Days to Prove’: Beaten, Not Broken Tiger Woods Makes a Bold Confession About His Resurgence

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Tiger Woods‘ return to competitive golf has fans rejoicing the Hero World Challenge with immense joy. He hasn’t played in a competitive event since the Masters this year, and this week has put an end to his time away. With two rounds over already, Woods doesn’t look too happy with his own game. However, that doesn’t seem to deter his conviction and focus at all.

Speaking about the first two rounds, the 47-year-old described how he felt about his performance. He also commented on his mindset for the final two rounds. Tiger Woods sounded full of confidence and energy and from his tone, he might surprise the audience big time with his surge in the leaderboard this weekend.

The Hero World Challenge hosts twenty top-ranking golfers from the PGA Tour and they compete to prove who is the champion of champions. The tournament is now mid-way with two rounds over. In the post-round conference Day 2, Tiger Woods spoke about his thoughts on his first two rounds.

Tiger Woods expressed discontent with his game after completing the second round of the Hero World Challenge. Although he cleaned it up from the first round, he claimed he didn’t finish how he wanted. “Wish I would have made a couple more putts to keep the round going,” he said about his second round.

The golfer finished his second round with a score of two-under. Talking about his resurgence and his performance, he said,  “Maybe cause I haven’t played. I’m rusty. I got two more days to prove it.”

In the tweet by TWLEGION that shared the above quotes, fans commented that the rust is to be expected. They expressed satisfaction with Woods’ health and fitness.

Coming to numbers, Woods had conceded a 3-over par in his first round, and after his two-under in round two, his total score now stands at one-over positioning at number 15 alongside Keegan Bradley.

Tiger Woods now stands at the bottom half of the leaderboard. To get a better idea of how he is progressing let’s take a closer look at his performance in the first two rounds of the Hero World Challenge.

In the first round, although Woods scored four birdies, he conceded way too many bogeys. In addition to taking up five bogeys, he took up a double bogey as well. Improving on this in the second round, he scored one birdie more than the first. His five birdies were set off by three bogeys, giving him a score of two-under in the second round.

Both birdies and bogeys have improved in the second round for Woods. Considering he is not satisfied with this improvement, perhaps a much better performance would be witnessed in the third round.


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