‘Tiger-esque’, ‘Patrick Mahomes of Golf’: PGA Tour Pro’s Wizardry on Australian Soil Makes Fans Pour Him With Praises

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Ever since the initiation of the ISPS Handa Australian Open, the name of the famous PGA Tour pro has been revolving around every golf lover’s household. The 25-year-old is undoubtedly one of the finest talents witnessed by the game of golf in a long while. He has proven this true worth by shooting an interesting shot at the famous event.

His impressive eagle shot has garnered the attention of the entire golfing community. The mastery of putting skills displayed by the famous professional golfer is truly out of this world. Fans have outpoured their love for their famous pro in more than one way!

The famous Australian professional golfer’s stint at the Australian Open has received a lot of attention from the golf world. Min Woo Lee’s impressive eagle from the pine straw was on point. It has been regarded as the best eagle in his career so far.

As Min Woo Lee leads the scoreboard of the Australian Open, the chances of him landing the highly coveted Australian double seem to increase with each passing second. The golfer’s incredible win at the Australian PGA Tour Championship was the first requirement for him to achieve the Australian double; a possible win at the Australian Open will be the last leg for him to achieve his dreams.

The viral shot in question has been taken to be one of the best eagle shots ever made by a professional. In fact, the out-of-the-pine straw shot has earned Min Woo Lee appreciation from the entirety of the golf world.

Interestingly enough, the golf world has not let loose of the opportunity to compliment Min Woo Lee on his on-point shot. The way that the golf world congratulated their new favorite was truly outworldly.

Fans react to Min Woo Lee’s gracious shot

The golf world’s attention was quickly drawn to the greens as Lee made the incredible shot in question. The famous Australian pro has been the center of attention throughout the ongoing Australian Open due to his enigmatic game of golf. The reactions were not limited to solely complimenting the golfer’s exceptional form but also birthed comparisons and accreditations.

Here are some of the reactions:

After being extremely impressed by Min Woo Lee’s out-of-this-world shot, a fan was quick to arrive at a seemingly unexpected conclusion. They declared his efforts to be those of a wizard and indirectly called Minjee Lee’s brother magical.

An insane comparison was drawn by one of the fans. They called the golfer “Patrick Mahomes of golf”. This is a grand comparison, as Patrick Mahomes is a well-known NFL sensation. Min Woo Lee’s interesting game truly left a mark on the hearts of all his fans.

One of the fans was quick to bring everyone’s attention to the intense playing strategy that the famous 25-year-old deploys. The fan even called his efforts electric.

An enthusiastic fan, extremely impressed with Min Woo Lee’s work ethic, compared him to Tiger Woods, and referred to his shot as “Tiger-esque.” Every time a golfer performs astonishingly well, the golf world has started to use Tiger’s name to compliment them on the same.

Yet another fan did not fail to cross the world of sports with the world of Netflix and came up with an interesting Breaking Bad reference for wishing Min Woo Lee the best.

One of the fans of the game made sure to declare the famous professional to be an award-winning People’s Golfer for the upcoming year.

One fan was quick to declare the Australian professional golfer a true badass. Surely, the golf world was impressed by his incredible performance.

Yet another fan noticed the incredible shot made by the budding sensational golfer. They even compared his unique out-of-pine straw eagle shot to the one shot by the legendary golfer, Phil Mickelson.

All in all, the insane performance displayed by Min Woo Lee at the famous ongoing event has left an indelible mark on the minds of his fans. The famous professional golfer truly has a fair shot at winning the 2023 ISPS Handa Australian Open. Only time will tell what’s next for this powerhouse of talent!

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