“I Couldn’t Even Run”: Ryan Garcia Claims He Was Hospitalized Due to Rib Injury Two Weeks Before Gervonta Davis Fight

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Ryan Garcia recently revealed a startling fact about his rib injury two weeks before his Gervonta Davis fight. The 25-year-old fought but got defeated by ‘Tank,’ in their highly anticipated match back in April of this year. In their contest, ‘Kingry,’ got hit by a body shot in the seventh round and failed to get up before the count. Now, he has hinted at a potential rib injury as the reason that caused him to buckle.

Garcia also revealed being hospitalized two weeks before his last fight. This revelation comes just days before his comeback fight with Oscar Duarte. So let’s wait no further and find out what he had to advance.

In a recent interview on the Last Stand Podcast, ‘Kingry,’ revealed that he suffered a devastating rib injury, to the extent, that he was forced to not train. The injury was sustained during a sparring session. However, despite sustaining this injury, the young boxer decided not to pull out from the contest. Reflecting on the same, he stated, “I did go in with a rib injury, a separated rib from sparring. I had to go to the hospital. I couldn’t even run. This was about two weeks ago. I decided I wasn’t gonna pull out.”

This may seem like an excuse to many. However, Garcia claims that he did not want to make any excuses, which is the reason why, despite being not his usual one hundred percent, he still went into the fight. He also added the role of weight cutting, which ended up adversely affecting his performance.

According to Garcia, his last loss against Davis was a turning arc in his career and ignited a resurgence in him. He claims that his opponents should be afraid of this new version of him. In an interview with FightHubTV, he stated, “This is going to be what you guys are looking for. That loss woke something else up. The worst thing that happened to the other opponents was that I lost. I am coming back. You are going to make a movie out of this. I promise, a movie.” 


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