How Is Floyd Mayweather Related to Jalil Hackett and Why Did ‘Money’ Congratulate Him?

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It was in his formative years that Jalil Major Hackett made his name in the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas. Initially, he was sent along with Gervonta Davis as his primary spar partner ahead of the latter’s Ricardo Nunez fight (2019). In that period, the then 15-year-old Hackett impressed not just Tank. But with his growing caliber he also managed to get his name whispered in the ears of Floyd Mayweather. From then began his association with the former champion. Years later, the fighter sees a breakthrough in his career. So, he finds Mayweather in his corner, pushing him toward his highest potential.

Recently, the 20-year-old Welterweight up-and-coming fighter, Jalil Major Hackett stopped his opponent in the third round. He went on to win the WBC Youth Title in his 1st December fight against Adrian Gutierrez (12-2-1, 6 KOs). As the Red Owl Arena victory accorded him the praises from the trenches of the boxing community, one that stood out was an endearing message by Floyd Mayweather.

In the wake of Hackett’s seamless glide through victory, ‘Money’ took to his Instagram stories to congratulate the young fighter and further encouraged him to keep getting better. He wrote, “Keep up the good work!” His words of advice branch off on the long association he’s had with the young Hackett.

In the wake of Tank’s victory against Nunez in 2019, the fighter was immensely impressed with Hackett. So much so, that he considered putting in a good word with Mayweather, who had seemingly taken Tank under his wings in those days. Hackett once noted, “After the camp, Tank vouched for me to [Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe] and to Floyd, telling them ‘This kid’s nice. He’s tough, y’all need to sign him.’ I definitely appreciate him for that.” 

Tank’s recommendation for the novice fighter got him the exposure he needed in the circles of Mayweather. He was not rushed into lucrative deals and daunting fights. He rather was given the time to gel well with the team. The marquee fighters that train at the gym, including Gervonta Davis, and Mayweather himself sort of took him on as their prodigy of sorts and empowered him with advice that would push him through the sport. Eventually, he would go on to sign with Mayweather Promotions.

Hackett Signs with Mayweather Promotions

There is one thing that every fighter who’s signed with Mayweather Promotions can attest to; when they sign with the company, Mayweather holds their hand through it all. Speaking about how instrumental ‘Pretty Boy’ has been in his trajectory, Hackett said, “He’s a great role model. He’s always there to give great advice. He’s the perfect promoter because he definitely understands what it’s like to be a young black athlete so we can definitely relate on different levels. I really like being under the tutelage of Floyd.” 

Mayweather imparted one important facet he learned in his formative days. Invest! Hackett stresses this learning. He mentions, “He told me I’m young now, there’s all the glitz and glamor, looks good but you’re not gonna be able to do that when you’re my age.” 

His association with Mayweather and the promotions company will give him those lucrative and big fights that he deserves. However, at the core, the association is deeper. It is Mayweather’s hope for Hackett to make it big in the sport.


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