Firmly Focused on Making Amends for Major Olympia Regret, Serena Williams Opens Up on Her Approach to Motherhood With Adira

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Being an athlete, Serena Williams‘ has embraced two motherhood journeys. She has two daughters and experiences different kinds of worlds as a mother. But, even after that, the 23-time Grand Slam champion gave her 100% to come up as the best mother. She still harbors regrets, though, about her first motherhood, even after becoming a mother for the second time.

While the 42-year-old American tennis legend is giving most of her time to her daughter Adira, she recently opened up about one regret that she has for Olympia. Let’s take a look at how Williams, journey of birthing Olympia was different from the recent time when she brought Adira into the world.

Giving birth after retiring from the tennis circuit was a new experience for the former world-number-one ranked tennis player. Recently, the 23-time Grand Slam champion shared a video on her YouTube channel in which she talked about attending her first event after giving birth to Adira this year. In that video, she talked about how there is a regret that she has as a mother.

She said, “After I had Adira, I kind of I didn’t go into hiding. But I just really took time and just enjoyed my baby. And with Adira, it’s different, because I’m not playing professional tennis right now. My mind isn’t necessarily in tennis mode, but I really wanted to take the time that I didn’t get with Olympia to enjoy those moments.” 

When Olympia came into the world six years ago, the mother had to commit to her sport while also balancing motherhood at the same level. But that’s not the case with Adira. As the 42-year-old American tennis legend retired from the tennis circuit last year, she gave her maximum time to her daughter and created memories in the early stages of her birth.

Apparently, now that she spends more time with her newborn, he is trying to make a man for the major Olympia regret, as now, after her retirement, her priorities have shifted from tennis to family. However, there was a time when Serena Williams also upset her daughter while getting ready to welcome the second one.

When the 23-time Grand Slam champion was pregnant with her second daughter, she shared a video of decorating baby Adira’s room, which was previously Olympia’s playroom. While the 6-year-old made a huge big sister sacrifice, she also shared her disappointment with her mother by throwing angry tantrums.

In the video, there was a moment when Williams was stopped at the door by her daughter. Olympia said, “You can’t go here.” Stuck in the situation, Williams quietly replied, “Am I not supposed to be in your room? I’ve been kicked out a bit places.” Although she tried to show off her angry side to her mother, she had to make the sacrifice for her little sister.


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