“Finally Someone Russ Can’t Bully”: Russell Westbrook Chatting With Terence Crawford and His Kids Draws Wild Response From Fans

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It was a delight for many fans as they came across Terence Crawford. However, he wasn’t alone. To everyone’s sheer joy, the boxing great was joined by NBA star Russell Westbrook. The point guard with the Los Angeles Clippers could be seen chatting with Crawford. Then he spoke a few words to the latter’s kids before they all shook hands and went their separate ways. The Welterweight champion recently made news as the IBF decided to strip him off their belt.

Consequently, his status changed from that of an undisputed champion to that of a unified champion. However, to most fans, the decision barely stands a chance of denting his legacy. What he has accomplished stays as it is. The Omaha, Nebraska-born southpaw, created history this year when he defeated archrival Errol Spence Jr. on July 29. Ever since there have been multiple rounds of talks on his future course of action.

From the comments, it was clear that most fans and followers were pleasantly surprised by the gathering of two very famous star athletes. Of course, the usual fun-poking, skeptical crowd milled around.

Russell Westbrook has finally met someone whom he can’t even imagine intimidating; the following user shared: “Finally, someone Russ can’t bully.” For this user, from the footage, it never seemed as though Crawford was shorter than Westbrook: “Bud, don’t look that much shorter than Russ right here.” One user said that they are a die-hard fan of Errol Spence Jr.: “Ima Spence fan, okay bud.

The next few appeared to be unwavering fans of the Welterweight champion. For instance, this fan said that in the footage, the only athlete who stood out as an A-lister was Terence Crawford: “@tbudcrawford is the real A1 athlete here.” The next one called the Nebraska native, pound-for-pound, the best boxer in the world: “Bud P4P, best boxer in the world.” According to this fan, genuine elite athletes are able to recognize and acknowledge others of their kind: “Real Recognize Real.

Finally, out of the blue, there was a comment from this user who probably thought about what would happen if Westbrook and Crawford squared up against each other. They envisioned that after 3 months of rigorous boxing training, the NBA point guard would have the upper hand in the ring! “I got Russ with 3 months of boxing training.

Soon after the Spence Jr. fight, Crawford made it clear that he would be happy to take on either Jermell Charlo or Canelo Alvarez.

But as it happened to everyone’s shock, Jermell Charlo and Alvarez—got into the ring. The ‘Iron Man’ received appreciation for the brave move, climbing two divisions up to face one of the ‘faces of boxing.’ But it was a step fraught with risk. Finally, when they fought, the Mexican champion steamrolled over the Texas native. Thereafter, ‘Bud,’ in a scathing criticism, shared that he wouldn’t fight the light middleweight champion.

Thus, the super middleweight champion remains a viable option. However, many experts voiced their concern that going over three weight classes is an altogether different ballgame. Otherwise, within the division, Crawford could always go against upcoming star Jaron Ennis, the new IBF welterweight champion. Finally, he might also have to consider a rematch with Spence Jr. The New York-born southpaw decided to activate the rematch clause, which means that Crawford would have to give Spence Jr. his rematch very soon.


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