Following Gervonta Davis’ Advice, Rising Boxing Star Jalil Major Hackett Wins the Fight by Stoppage

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Last night was as crucial as it could get for Jalil Major Hackett. The up-and-coming fighter, known to be training in the shadows of Gervonta Davis established his footing in the sport of boxing with much panache. The groundbreaking victory came in the wake of ‘Tank’ publicly advising him to rise in the ranks at the young age that he is in. Tank wrote, “You know what to do..young but definitely on it!”

Hackett abided by the advice. Jalil Major Hackett got a glimpse of his ableness when he was merely 18. He donned a headgear at the Mayweather Gym of Las Vegas to enter the ring against Gervonta Davis for a sparring session. In the fifteen straight rounds that followed, Hackett was convinced that he was ready to face anything that challenged him in the pro-fight ring. From thereon, he led a crusade in the ring that managed to get him an unbeaten record of 8 fights in two years. However, last night’s fight came at a crucial time, it was his plunge into the big fights. And he managed to clear that segway with all the acumen he inherited from Tank.
Last night at the Red Owl Boxing Arena of Houston, Hackett made a bold announcement of his boxing prowess through the impeccable victory he scored. In a fight that he dominated instantly, the fighter defeated his opponent, Adrian Gutierrez. With the 8th victory in his basket, Hackett also went on to claim the vacant WBC Youth Welterweight belt.
His boxing prowess was heavily revered by spectators as he glided toward the victory seamlessly. He kept showering his opponent with relentless jabs that held the power and teachings of Tank himself and Floyd Mayweather. At the 2-minute, 33-second mark, he stopped his opponent and secured victory. In the wake of such a win, his future in the boxing realm has been strengthened. Why would it not? His efforts and determination were doubled down by the expertise of Tank and ‘Pretty Boy’.
In his formative days, Junior Hackett was under the guidance of his father, Bernard Hackett (who continues to train him, by the way). At this point, he already knew Tank through his days in Baltimore. However, it wasn’t until 2019, right before the latter faced off against Ricardo Nunez, that the brazen amateur sparred Tank. Impressed by his growing caliber, Hackett was sent along Tank as the latter’s main sparring partner. This exposed him to signing with Mayweather Promotions. After the camp, Tank recommended Hackett to the leading promotions company, and they signed him up.
Rather than being pushed into immediate lucrative fights, the partnership allowed the young fighter to season well with massive names that train at the Mayweather Gym. With the exposure came his big entry into the ring. He turned pro on the undercard of the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul exhibition in Miami. Furthermore, he continued to grow with Tank as he signed for 4 other cards under the fighter. With both Tank and Money by his side, the future of Hackett in the ring looks promising.

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