Black Boxes on the PGA Tour Pros at the Hero World Challenge. What Are They?

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The onset of the famous 2023 Hero World Challenge has not only sparked many controversies but has also raised many doubts. The curiosity among fans truly knows no bounds. This has been made clear by the active participation of golf lovers from around the world in this event, hosted by the famous Tiger Woods.

The active approach deployed by the fans is truly a sight to behold. Recently, a fan filled with intrigue posed a detail-focused question on X. They asked about the meaning of the striking black boxes seen on the backs of the belts of the famous pros playing at the Albany Golf Course.
Interestingly, the answer unveiled the developments that the tour has undergone. They talked about the existence of two newly developed technologies being deployed in order to increase both efficiency and efficacy.

The question asked entailed, “Hey gents, what are those little black “boxes” the players are wearing on their belt on the back. Nobody has mentioned anything about them.”

Renowned golf writer cleared the air and answered, “Some new ShotLiink/ShotTracker tech the Tour is experimenting with.”

The answer to this query shocked the golf world with the interesting technology-driven approach being deployed by the golf world to move further from the formerly traditionalistic PGA Tour. It is truly a sight to see.

For those of us who lack the technology-savvy aspect of our lives, it is essential to understand the exact workings of these black boxes in order to understand the impact of technology on their game. The two black boxes used by PGA Tour professionals include the ShotLink and the ShotTracker boxes.

The ShotLink box is used in order to collect each and every shot played by players on the PGA Tour, in an attempt to decode the shots since 2001. Whereas the ShotTracker device is used simply to collect data on a variety of golf strokes and later interpret them. These help the pros understand their shot game.


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