Amid ongoing JetBlue Controversy, Mike Tyson drops his New Collection ‘Been Bold’

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In the midst of the ongoing JetBlue controversy, former boxing champion Mike Tyson has thrown another punch—this time in the world of fashion with his latest collection, ‘Been Bold.’ However, as the hype around Tyson’s new venture grows, so does the shadow cast by a recent altercation on a JetBlue flight.

Last year, in April 2022, Tyson found himself at the center of a controversy that unfolded at 30,000 feet. The victim, Melvin Townsend III, a 37-year-old passenger, became the target of Tyson’s fists in a shocking incident captured on video. Tyson, 57, claimed Mr. Townsend had displayed aggressive behavior during a prior conversation, but the aftermath of the altercation had taken an unexpected turn.
Mike Tyson, usually renowned for his dominance in the boxing ring, has ventured into the realm of fashion, unveiling his latest collection with a bold declaration, “My new collection is out now; you should get it before it’s gone.” This statement echoes Tyson’s characteristic flair, inviting enthusiasts to partake in the unique offerings of his fashion line.
Meanwhile, Tyson is a man who is often in the spotlight due to his success and controversies in the boxing ring. The JetBlue incident juxtaposed with Tyson’s unbothered persona as he continues to go about his business becomes just the latest punctuation of Tyson’s life after boxing.
Mr. Townsend is now seeking $450,000 (£350,000) in compensation for the incident, as detailed in a letter from his legal representatives to Tyson’s legal team. Townsend’s pre-litigation settlement demand cites severe injuries, including headaches and neck pain, leading to job loss. The proposed settlement covers ongoing medical expenses, but Tyson’s attorney dismisses it as a “shakedown.” The altercation, triggered by Townsend discussing the marijuana industry and psychedelic mushrooms, adds an eccentric chapter to Tyson’s larger-than-life story. Despite the oddity, the incident at 30,000 feet becomes another sensational episode, showcasing life’s unexpected twists.

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