Revealed: Insane Money Tiger Woods Earned in the 2022-2023 PGA Tour Season

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The season 2022-23 has surely been an interesting one for the golfing legend, Tiger Woods. Even though the golf star did not play much this season because of his physical hardships, he still made a ton of money. The golfer’s total earnings of Tiger Woods this season have truly rocked the charts.

This might be surprising for many, but true golf fans are widely aware of the stardom this sensation has accrued in his time gracing the greens. Thankfully for Woods’ fans, even after playing only two professional events, their favorite star has made bank this season.

Tiger Woods is truly one of the biggest stars that the golf world has ever seen. Surely, his recent hefty earnings are reflective of this fact. Clearly, he is not dependent on just one source of income, which has helped him earn millions this season. Even after only playing two events this season, Tiger Woods’ earnings ran into tens of millions.

This has become possible because of the hefty sum of PIP money that the 15X major winner received at the season’s end. As is well known, PIP is primarily the PGA Tour’s initiative to reward its players who help bring a positive impact to their business. The golf GOAT earned a whopping $12,059,560 million this season combined from PIP and tournaments.

Out of the total sum, $59,560 is what Tiger Woods earned playing professional golf this season at the Genesis Invitational. The remaining $12 million is solely accumulated by Woods as PIP in the 2022–2023 golf season. His share of the PIP money is the second highest, following Rory McIlroy’s roaring $15 million. This is truly a big accomplishment for any golfer at this formal stop in their career.

Tiger Woods’ earnings were slightly higher in the previous season. The famous professional golfer earned a total of $15,064,200 million throughout the season, despite having only played three events. This is truly shocking considering his events earning was only $64,200.

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The PIP system has surely played out in the favour of this 15X major winner. Out of his total earnings, the golf great earned $15 million from the PIP. Woods was number one on the PIP Money list in 2022 season. The golfer’s fortune definitely owes a large share to the PGA Tour’s PIP system.


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