Bad Personality Trait Lands Serena Williams in Trouble as She Is Forced to Multi-Task Over a Motherhood Duty

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Serena Williams is a source of endless productivity. Even though she is retired from tennis, she has taken on several ventures, one of them being a mother for a second time. Someone in her position would need great time management as things can fall apart if not addressed at the right time. But sometimes, even the Queen of the Court is not able to manage her time well.

While Williams fell prey to time management issues this time, she used to map her day out and stick to the plan. The Queen of the Court has a meticulous schedule, which even involves time to kick back and relax. But now, her schedule has taken a hit.

The achievements of the Queen of the Court in and out of tennis have been surreal. To work the way she does, one needs to be a stickler for the rules they have set for themselves. Williams usually never fails to follow the day she has planned for herself. However, a mishap occurred, and now the 23-time grand slam champion has to do two tasks at once.

She uploaded a video on her TikTok, which was then reuploaded to Instagram by a fan account. She said, “I’m on my way to hang out at my dad’s house, and time for the best of me because sometimes I don’t manage my time well and now I am pumping and driving. Does anybody else do that? That’s normal, right?

Williams may have fallen short of ensuring her day proceeded smoothly this time, but she is on top of everything each day. She has a strict schedule where she maps out a particular time for all activities, even relaxing.

Williams has to add relaxing to her daily plans

Williams has many ventures that need to be taken care of, even though tennis is not one of them anymore. But one needs a smooth sailing day when one is handling so many activities and needs to stick to a strict plan. Williams is someone who is known for her discipline. She takes scheduling her day a step ahead as she has to find a slot in the day to kick back.

In an interview with Gayle King of CBS Mornings, Williams said that she doesn’t know how to relax and has to add it to her daily schedule. There was bound to be one misstep from her which would require her to do two things at once. However, Williams will learn from the goof-up and will ensure that it doesn’t happen anytime soon.

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