“Did Not Expect This From the Simone Biles”: Football Fans Upset With Gymnastics GOAT Over Harsh Comment

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On Saturday, November 25, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines clashed in an epic showdown. The night culminated in a 30-24 defeat for the Ohio State Buckeyes, allowing the Wolverines to advance to the Big Ten championship. The game was a thrilling spectacle for football fans in both states.

However, one football fan was left upset, and that was none other than gymnastics queen Simone Biles. Biles, a fan of the Buckeyes, didn’t shy away from expressing this upset. Interestingly, her expression ended up sparking a wave of discontent among football fans, upsetting the gymnastics queen.

Simone Biles is a true Texan at heart, calling Houston her home. However, the gymnastics queen was born in Columbus, Ohio, and has remained true to her roots. Hence, the recent loss of the Ohio State Buckeyes left the gymnastics queen visibly upset.

After the Buckeyes’ defeat to the Wolverines, Biles took to Instagram threads, candidly expressing, “I need Ohio State to win to shut up all the annoying *ichigan fans….” However, her comment was construed as somewhat harsh, sparking discontent among football fans, who began to express their discontent with her post.

Simone Biles’ post showcasing her support for her favorite football team stirred up a tidal wave of comments, revealing a range of emotions from angry and upset fans. One disgruntled fan expressed their upset with Biles while also poking fun at the Ohio State coach, saying, “Disappointed in your attitude. Go blue! Ryan(last) Day”. Another football fan and Simone Biles fan commented, “I’m a HUGE fan of yours. And a *ichigan Alumni. The Two can co-exist”. “Sorry Simone, we be talking another year, you love it and you know it!” said another.

Another dissenting voice chimed in with “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, even if it’s wrong”. And “People Are allowed to choose their teams but did not expect this from the Simone Biles” said another.

While another person commented, “Lol gotta disagree with you,” adding a goat emoji, acknowledging Biles as the greatest of all time. However, not all comments were lighthearted, as one person, visibly upset with Biles, shared, “When you go from hero to zero”.

Although Simone Biles is a beloved gymnast, her support for her favorite team landed her on the wrong side of many football fans. The No. 2 Michigan Wolverines are set to face the No. 18 Iowa Hawkeyes on December 2, 2023, in the Big Ten Championship Game. Meanwhile, the fate of the Ohio State Buckeyes remains uncertain as they await to discover their destination for the upcoming bowl season.

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