After Tiger Woods Made the ‘One Month One Tourney’ Verdict, His ‘Dad on Tour’ Fred Couples Makes a Stark Majors Prediction

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Can Tiger Woods win his 16th Major? The rare feat will take him closer to one of the all-time greats and his childhood idol, Jack Nicklaus. While the veteran golfer definitely harbors the dream of not just catching up but surpassing Nicklaus, few believe that’s possible. But Woods’ friend and mentor, Fred Couples is not one of the naysayers.

Fred Couples thinks Woods will still be one of the favorites to win the Majors. But what makes him so hopeful? Is it simply because “he has won his whole life”? That too, but Couples has more than one good reason to back his ‘fanciful’ claims.

The former World No.1 sat with Sirius XM’s PGA Tour podcast. Couples shares a strong bond with Tiger Woods. When a young Woods first burst onto the scene, the American Pro took him under his wings. In fact, Tiger Woods once dubbed him as his “dad on Tour.” Naturally, the host asked what he made of Tiger Woods’ comments about his playing frequency next year and his chances of increasing the Major tally.

The 64-year-old golfer sounded more optimistic than most. Woods, according to him, never sounded more positive about his body in the last few years. It seems the surgery has made him worry-free. Even Fred Couples feels that way. “He is fresh,” said Couples.

But what Woods did even when he was not at his 100% bolsters the hopes of Fred Couples. “On no foot and no legs, he makes a cut at Augusta,” said Couples reminding everyone of Woods’ last outing at the Masters. Fred believes, “If he can possibly play once a month, and show up at Augusta, why wouldn’t he be a favorite!”

The veteran golfer further added, “C’mon, he is Tiger Freaking Woods.”  Indeed, he is. Seven months after going through surgery, the maestro is fired up to grace the greens at the Hero World Challenge. In his yearly address at the Bahamas, Woods was candid about every question shot his way, including his playing chances next year.

Speaking from the Bahamas, the veteran golfer said what golf fans can expect from him in the 2024 season.“I think that this scenario would be maybe a tournament per month. I think that’s realistic.” Was the greens of Augusta on his mind? Very likely, for it’s a very special venue for the Maestro.

Woods won his first Major at the hallowed golf course as a 21-year-old linksman. In fact, his last Major win was at the Masters in 2019. That came 11 years after he raked in his fourteenth Major title in the 2008 U.S. Open. Four years ago, very few believed he still had it in him, but Woods proved everyone wrong. Fred Couples believes he’ll prove everyone wrong once again. And perhaps a few times more.

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