After Surpassing $130 Million Milestone, Mike Tyson Brings His International Venture Home to New York

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Mike Tyson is far from a retired man. The former heavyweight champion does not compete in the ring anymore but continues to work just as hard. Amongst other things, he is a boxing trainer, a host of a successful podcast, and an entrepreneur. Iron Mike is now making huge waves in the cannabis industry.

It is reported that his company, ‘Tyson 2.0’, has surpassed their own predictions— which was to amass more than $130 Million.  It appears that the enterprise is only going to multiply its wealth after this new revelation and they have a new destination to do so.

Iron Mike had a rough childhood. He grew up in humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York City. He takes great pride in announcing that he is bringing his cannabis business to the financial capital of the United States of America and his birthplace. “As a native New Yorker myself, I’m thrilled to bring Tyson 2.0 to my hometown. Bringing my brand to New York is a big full-circle moment. I grew up here, overcame lots of obstacles in my life here, and now I am back to make a positive impact,” Tyson stated to AFROTECH in an email interview.

For this venture, he along with Carma HoldCo is partnering up with Hudson Cannabis. “Our partner, Hudson Cannabis, is the leading cultivator in New York and has a strong commitment to responsible cannabis practices, so we know that together we can have an impact on the industry,” said Mike Tyson.

It is safe to say that with this new revelation, his enterprise is only going to grow in size. And the former heavyweight champion is aware of the same. Let us see how he considered the decision to expand in New York beneficial and lucrative.

According to Tyson, New York is a market that needs to be catered to for his business to expand. He deems this decision wise as his product carters to the “culture” of this city. In the same interview, he added, “New York is not just any other market — it’s a cultural melting pot, and bringing my cannabis brand here takes everything to the next level.”

Times are exciting for Tyson, to say the least. Even after his professional career has come to a halt, the boxer remains in the public limelight and finds a way to connect with fans. However, we are curious to know what you make of the above revelation.

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