“Ruined That Song for Me”: Terence Crawford Singing in Recent Karaoke Clip Leaves Fans in Splits

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Terence Crawford, a name synonymous with fierce boxing and undisputed welterweight titles, has recently stepped into a different ring. This time, it’s not for a bout but with a microphone in hand. Known for his knockout punches, Crawford surprisingly belts out tunes, not jabs. His choice? Usher’s ‘Nice & Slow’ – somewhat of an expected pick from the champion.

The scene unfolds in a video by Fight Hub TV, showcasing a side of Crawford rarely seen by fans. As the notes flow, so does Crawford’s shift from the rigid world of boxing to a seemingly offbeat musical venture. This intriguing crossover raises questions.

The video that stirred the pot features Terence Crawford taking a shot at karaoke. He chooses Usher’s smooth R&B hit, ‘Nice & Slow.’ This moment, captured by Fight Hub TV, reveals a different facet of the undisputed welterweight champion. Crawford, more renowned for his agility in the ring, is seen embracing the rhythm and soul of a classic R&B song. The clip quickly garnered attention, with fans flocking to social media to share their reactions.

Firstly, one fan humorously quipped, “Terence Crawford feeling to win America’s got talent.” This comment highlights the light-hearted surprise among Crawford’s followers. Another fan chimed in with a chuckle, “glad to see the champ enjoying life…” Then, another fan acknowledged Crawford’s unexpected talent, remarking, “This dude gifted gifted,” a nod to his versatility beyond the boxing ring.
However, not all responses were in the same vein. Another fan offered a contrasting viewpoint, “ruined that song for me smh,” showcasing how Crawford’s rendition didn’t resonate with everyone. Lastly, one user added a dose of humor, “Who gon tell TC he can’t sing,” playfully poking fun at Crawford’s vocal attempt.

Terence Crawford is making the best use of his free time. From cooking Thanksgiving Turkeys to Karaoke, he is enjoying life off the ring. While he is also supposed to prepare for the Errol Spence Jr. rematch, he makes sure there is no shop talk at home. Crawford appears alongside fellow boxers Zab Judah and Shawn Porter, not in a boxing ring, but in a moment of lighthearted karaoke.

Singing to New Edition’s ‘If It Isn’t Love,’ Crawford stands out with a beaming smile, enjoying the camaraderie. One can see Crawford’s passion for music, evident in his relaxed demeanor and joy in sharing these moments with friends and family.


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