“They Didn’t Have Man’s Clothes?”: Floyd Mayweather’s “UPS Uniform” Like Outfit In Recent Photo Fails To Impress Fans

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a massive net worth of $450 million. Being one of the richest boxers also means he can afford some ridiculously expensive stuff. From luxury clothing to expensive care and houses, the boxer has it all. Yet his fans have been criticizing his fashion sense.

Mayweather recently posted a picture on Instagram before taking a flight. Social media users noticed his peculiar fashion sense and were underwhelmed.

The first thing fans noticed in the post was ‘Money’ Mayweather’s outfit. While some comments were appreciative, many were just directed at his styling sense. “New UPS uniforms?” questioned one person. “Someone get this brudda a stylist always the worse dress sense know to man,” wrote another fan requesting a stylist for Mayweather.

“I don’t want to see anybody hating on Floyd you casuals go get your sh*t together,” wrote one fan in the boxer’s defense.

“They didn’t have man’s clothes?” asked another fan, mocking Mayweather’s fashion sense.

It’s like Julez said there’s not price sign with swag, the clothes are all fire but the lay is terrible Floyd,” said another fan. Mayweather might have conquered boxing and the financial world, but it seems fans are still waiting for him to up his fashion game. After all, this isn’t the first time he has received negative feedback over his attire.

When ‘Pretty Boy’ received flak for his Louis Vuitton outfit

Months ago, Floyd Mayweather was in Paris- one of the biggest destinations for every fashionista. He shared images of his Louis Vuitton outfit, but fans were not on the same page. His yellow-on-black jacket and trousers didn’t receive any love.

Similarly, in May 2023, the boxer shared more images of his Louis Vuitton outfit which didn’t sit well with many. The black leather jacket with leather pants seemed uncomfortable, as per fans.

However, there have been instances when his fans loved his clothing choice. Back in February 2023, Mayweather went on a shopping spree for his 46th birthday. He was seen wearing a denim jacket over a white t-shirt, denim jeans, and his signature chunky chain. People took to the comment section to not just wish him a happy birthday, but also appreciate his outfit.


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