Despite Floyd Mayweather’s Plan For Him, Curmel Moton Reveals When He Wants to Fight for World Championship

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The future of boxing is Curmel Moton. Exaggeration? Not really. Ever since Floyd Mayweather‘s prodigy entered the pro boxing league, he has done nothing but claim the ring with his brilliant performance. After having won both his pro fights, Moton has now revealed when he would want to explore the chances of winning a world championship.

In his last fight against Hunter Turbyfill at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, the 17-year-old fighter came even stronger than his maiden bout. He defeated Turbyfill through a first-round technical knockout. In the matter of that one round, Moton managed to drop his opponent twice, securing an easy glide toward victory. Now, keen on making his mark on boxing, his mentor has chalked out a plan for him for the championship titles.
When ‘Money’ took a young Moton under his wings, he had a distinct future in mind for the young prodigy. One of these goals remains to get to fight for the championship titles. While Mayweather thinks Moton should get his shot at such big bouts after 10-12 fights, the fighter voiced closer plans.

In a conversation on the Mayweather Channel, the bastion YouTube channel of the Mayweathers, Moton appeared alongside Jeff Mayweather. When asked about his plans to fight for the titles, the young fighter said, “Say about 13-14 fights.” The victories have nudged boxing enthusiasts to believe that soon the fighter will take his challenge for championship titles.

In his last two fights, Moton has been placed to fight right after the main events elapse. It could be seen as a strategic move by organizers to retain viewership. But how does he feel about such a placement?

From going after the main events to getting his main event

In the conversation, the Las Vegas native further elaborated, “I like it, as soon as, every time I come out, there’s always a whole bunch of fans right there. And now people are starting to know I’m fighting out after the main event so, there’ll be a lot more people.”

The phenom has become an absolute favorite in the boxing realm. As he exits the ring after his fights, he is usually met with a sprawling crowd imploring to take pictures with him. Talking about the love he receives post-fights, Moton hinted that it will continue to get bigger as he has some massive plans for the future. What you may ask? A cheeky Moton remarks, “Man, eventually, I have my own card soon.” 

Is he hinting at something? Or is he taking shots in the blind? His confident smile answers that question. As for Jeff Mayweather, who was keenly listening to Moton all this while, his smile of pride corroborates Moton’s answer. It remains to be seen where Mayweather Promotions takes their talented prospect further.

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