After Novak Djokovic Belittled Him With Record Earnings, How Much Did Tiger Woods Earn This Year?

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This year, Tiger Woods hasn’t played in any tournament as yet. He did make a try at the Masters but had to pull out due to an injury. It means that in 2023, Woods did not make any money from the tournaments, which is his main source of income.

In this regard, he fell behind golfers who actively played this year. Not only by golf stars, this year Woods has been defeated by tennis star Novak Djokovic as well, who has topped the list of career earnings for any sportsman. After this fall, fans are wondering how much did the legendary golfer make this year.

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic is in his prime era and continues to make new records for himself. His latest record is topping the list of career earnings in the field of sports, leaving behind the likes of golf legend Tiger Woods and basketball legend Michael Jordan. By now, Djokovic has earned a mind-blowing $180 million. His earnings spiked in 2023, as he won seven titles, out of which three were Grand Slams.

From all the tournaments he participated in this year, Djokovic earned $15.9 million. In the field of tennis, only he has beaten elite players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, whose total career earnings are $134.6 million and $130.6 million respectively. Compared to Djokovic, Tiger Woods is much behind in the earnings.

The total career earnings of Tiger Woods stands at $121 million. Contributing to this figure in a big way are all the 15 Major championships and the other wins of Tiger on the PGA Tour. However, in 2023 he has only earned the petite figure of $59,000, which is nothing in comparison to Djokovic’s 2023 earnings. This year, the American golfer has earned 269 times less than the Serbian tennis player. But on the bright side, this week the PGA Tour has announced that Woods will get $12 million as Player Impact Program (PIP) bonus.

Now this will not be considered a part of the money earned from competitions, but it is no less than a heavy income that he is getting as a token for his loyalty. It adds up to the revenue Woods earns through other sources.

Tiger Woods is not only a talented player but also a smart investor. Golf is his day job but his source of income is not limited to that. Stepping away from the sport, his first and immediate income comes from the various brand sponsorships and deals with giants like Nike, Titleist, and others. And once his project TGL starts in January 2024, Woods will get revenue from it. Major celebrities and sports stars have invested in the league.

Also, in 2023, Woods opened a new golf club in association with singer Justin Timberlake. He plans to open similar clubs in Europe as well. Plus, he has a chain of restaurants spread over America, which also pulls a handsome amount for him. As one can see, Tiger Woods could enjoy a good income despite being on a career break much of 2023.

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