After Harsh Backlash Simone Biles’ Husband Jonathan Owens Redeems Himself With “MVP” Status From NFL Fandom

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The Thanksgiving holiday saw some extra cheer coming from Olympic gymnast Simone Biles this year. The 26-year-old was enraptured by her husband Johnathan Owens playing against NFC North-leading Detroit Lions. Following the win Simone stood like a rock for Owens whom she married in April after two years of dating. The beloved couple have endured much backlash owing to their professional careers previously.

And after four straight losses, the Green Bay Packers won its game thanks to Owens’s first NFL touchdown. Later, in the holiday spirit fans and Simone joined to celebrate this victory.

The Owens just promoted themselves from the backseat to the front in the NFL power couple talks. On Thanksgiving day, Simone shared a tweet on X: “A PACKERS WIN BABY!!!!!!!!! happy thanksgiving.” This felt like a personal win for the pair who have pulled their socks, worked while showing resilience, and eventually made their strong comeback in their sports this year.

Lions entered the game with 8-2 heading this season while they were held back in surprise when the Packers debutant took the game to a 20-6 lead. Jonathan did so by seizing the ball after linebacker Rashan Gary forced a fumble on Lions quarterback Jared Goff and carried it back to the 27-yard touchdown.

Flying to Wisconsin was just not enough, wife Simone took to her social media to share her happiness on his win. After the NFL shared Owens’s first touchdown clip on Twitter(X), the seven-time Olympic medalist reshared the same with the caption, “THATS MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MANS MY MANS MY MANSSSSS.

Simone’s tweet received much love from the community, someone handed him the impactful player compliment saying, “Jonathon MVP really!” Another one wrote, “Congrats on the family win.” A close observer said, “He led in tackles, had a tackle for loss, and was aware and scored a touchdown on a recovery.”

One even praised along with the win details, “Quite the performance. Did I hear right, 12 tackles too? WooHoo!” Wishes to the lady also followed as someone wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving, Simone! Your man balled out today!” Finally, he was monitored to be the “second most impactful player of the game,” one confirmed.

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